Yes, You Can Get Wealthy With Network Marketing

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There are literally thousands of network marketing companies out there. A simple Google search on “network marketing” bears this out. A search like this will likely yield claims of “Make $ 2500 a Week In Just 30 Days!”, or some such.

Before you write network marketing off as a scam, however, keep in mind that a lot of people have become quite wealthy in network marketing companies. And, contrary to what the popular line is, it’s not only the ones at the top who become ridiculously rich.

In fact, anybody with ambition and a solid work ethic can find a suitable company and succeed in network marketing. I’ve seen this firsthand, and continue to see it every day. It’s awesome to see ordinary people quit their jobs, pay off their homes, and embark on a permanent vacation.

It happens.

How do you choose a company that’s right for you? That’s a complicated question. There are a lot of factors to consider. Not only the products, but marketing methods, your upline, history of the company . . . It can be mind boggling.

You should research a lot of companies, talk to a lot of people, and base your decision on your results. Sometimes a company is not as big a factor as your individual sponsor. I’d rather be in a so-so company with an outstanding sponsor than an awesome company with a sponsor who’s AWOL.

Keep in mind, also, that it is a business. Too many network marketers treat their business as a hobby. If that’s been you, you need to fire yourself. You’ve done a poor job doing what needs to get done.

I find that one way to stay on track is to make a daily to-do list. I usually include at least 5 or 6 items, and do the one I know I’ll least enjoy first. I make the list at night, just before going to bed and leave it on my computer desk. That way, in the morning I know just what needs to be done.

If you set regular hours for your business, then you should stick that time religiously. Barring the inescapable family emergency or drama, you need to be at your desk working your business at the time you specified. You are the boss and the employee. In this case, the boss should rule with an iron fist.

In order to succeed, you’ve got to work your business as if your life depended on it. Think about it: If you knew beyond any doubt that the lives of you and your family depended on you getting 7 signups next month, would you find a way to do it? I know I would.

Gregory McGuire is a successful network marketer and hypnotherapist living in Smyrna, Tennessee.

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