Patio Furniture – A Quick Review

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Patio furniture is a category of furniture that is meant to be used outdoors, in an open environment. These pieces are made especially to suit the mood and the environment of a patio. Here I will review a few sets of patio furniture to help you make a decision about what kind of patio furniture you should get.

We start with a very simple set called ‘Mongolia’. This set contains two chairs and a centerpiece. The whole idea of patio furniture is to keep it as comfortable as possible without the extravagance. There are of course exceptions to this rule but it is generally the norm. This is displayed beautifully by the ‘Mongolia’ set.

The chairs are mid-back and have no hand rests. Instead, the oblong backrest curves around the back and ends at the sides. The chairs are made out of wicker and have a standard weave without any attempt at decoration or frills. The bases of the chairs are round and taper slightly towards the bottom. Overall, they are shaped very elegantly with simplicity and comfort in mind.

The centerpiece on this set also reflects the overall simplicity. It is a round piece that is made the same way as the chairs. This too tapers towards the bottom and hence has a broader top as compared to the bottom.

Next we come to the Beverly dining set. This adds a bit more comfort to the equation with the inclusion of seat-cushions but it does not look like a formal dining set that you would use indoors. The set contains six chairs and a table that can accommodate six people. The chairs bear a distinct relaxed look about them that sets them apart from non-patio dining sets. These chairs are meant for entertaining guests outside the house. Done up in bright wooden finish, the chairs have high back and rounded backrests. There are narrow hand rests as well, making the casual feeling complete. The table has been made to match the chairs in color and design.

While the last set was meant for a casual tête-à-tête, this set is meant to entertain and dine. It is perfect for garden parties and for those who frequently dine outdoors with their guests or family members.

Now we come to a set called Vardo set. This set is all about comfort and luxury. It is a fully cushioned set of sofas that comes complete with a footrest and seating for four. There are two pieces that can accommodate one adult person each and there is a third piece that has space for two people to seat comfortably. The entire upholstery is done up in white, which provides a nice contrast to the subdued brownish yellow wicker. The seats have are mid-back and are moderately reclined.

The Vardo set is meant for entertaining guests when there is no dining involved. You can get this set if you frequently entertain your guests outside but do not dine with them there.

Thus, each set has a purpose and you can choose the set that fits your purpose.

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