High Voltage Power supplies — Selectivity

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High voltage power supplies are no longer limited to the static units that once delivered a single output without the capability for variation. They are now versatile pieces of equipment that can deliver the multiple outputs that are needed for the many pieces of equipment that can be used in a single location. One benefit of multiple output capacities has been the option of powering multiple pieces of equipment with a single power supply. This has allowed single power supplies to serve as a replacement unit for power supplies on multiple pieces of equipment. This and other factors can prove these selectable power units to be cost effective money savers in some situations.

When dealing with selectable high voltage power supplies today you may immediately notice that advances in hardware and software technology have resulted in multiple varieties of selectable units. The primary variety is a hardware option. These units require manual switching, but do offer a selection of different outputs from a single device. The other option is one that has come about from the combination of computer technology with power supply technology. The results are high voltage power supplies that can be controlled using a computer. Many of these devices also have the capacity to receive, store and execute programs. These units offer a vastly greater potential than only that though.

Some applications may prove better suited for manually switched devices. Among the benefits that are commonly noted among these varieties of selectable units is that the switch is physical and visible. This alone remains welcoming among a number of people that work with this class of equipment! Having a piece of equipment that the workers can not use is basically worthless. A piece of equipment that is intuitive and simple is something that can save money and time by preventing mistakes and streamlining the training process. Similarly the sparsity of the technology inside the devices may prove them to be better suited for some applications.

Programmable units can allow selection from a remote location. Some can also allow for programmed switching. Each of these options has obvious benefits. In situations where it is impractical to have individuals go and manually switch a supply to another output these units can make that happen at the command of someone sitting at a computer terminal in a safe and comfortable office. Similarly with programming these units are able to maintain a timed or triggered schedule when individuals are not even in the area or monitoring the work that is going on. In still other units there are monitoring capabilities that can allow you or specific software to analyze the performance of the power supplies. These capabilities can result in better optimization of practices and can also be helpful in predicting maintenance needs.

Each capacity may not be present in each unit. Similarly some units may offer all of the significant features that were mentioned here including a combination of a physical switch and remote switching capability. Determining the needs of your application is a good start to ensuring that you get the equipment that is just right and not much more.

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