A Shady Patio

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Everyone loves a bit of the sun sometimes but nobody likes the extreme effects of the sun such as sunburns, pigmentations and worse, skin cancer! To enjoy the sun and reduce the risk of getting all the horrible effects of the sun, one can shield oneself with an umbrella. Patio umbrellas are especially useful to make an afternoon out by the poolside a safe and free from the harmful effects from the sun. Besides that, with the variety of choices of colors, textures and fabrics, one can certainly transform an ordinary patio into a grand one.

The basic essentials for the perfect umbrella are simple. First decide on the design that will accentuate your back yard, if you have a light, soft backyard you could make the umbrella vibrant so that the patio looks newer or you could continue with that tranquil look and have a softer type of offset or patio umbrella. A versatile design which allows the umbrella to stand on its own is a better type because it increases the areas where the umbrella can be put. The ideal patio umbrella must be firm or sturdy, made of durable fabric that is hard wearing and fade resistant, be adjustable to various lengths, compact and storable if necessary. The umbrella must meet the purpose of its purchase – is it for a pool side chaise lounge or is it for providing the garden furniture with some shade. Having decided on the type of patio umbrella that will suit the area that is being catered for you may want to view your possible options.

The Offset The famous offset umbrella comprises of a canopy; usually stretching up to 15 feet, poles that gives support on the sides. The umbrella can also slant to different angles and can also be shrunken and rotated 360. This canopy is designed in such a way that it shades more space therefore; it is quite popularly used for green gardens, wooden decks and bare patios. Currently, most prefers designs that are tailor-made to suit the table’s shape. For instance, a patio with ample greens and beautiful lawn can be complimented with olive green umbrella with dark wooden post.

The Market, the Gazebo You can perfectly fit a market umbrella on a table that has a hole in the middle. With so many varieties of colors and textures to choose from, a market umbrella is definitely not just your plain patio umbrella although it does comes second to the Offset in terms of versatility. It is however more mobile and easier to handle because of its smaller size. A suggestive look would be tiki styled umbrella, made from wood, aluminum or brass with thatched straw or rayon to go with a Hawaiian concept back yard. The gazebo is a smaller version of the offset and it is cheaper than owning a gazebo. You can have it fixed with mosquito drapes to keep mosquitoes and other insects away at night.

A garden umbrella is more than just a pretty piece of furniture to your garden. It brings comfort and elegance and in a way increases the utilization of your garden. There are many styles and designs to choose from and common sense will tell you to choose one that fits best your garden concept. Asian style and design umbrella as is best suited for a garden with the same concept. If versatility is what you’re looking for, you may want to go for a wall mounted umbrella has a canopy that can be rotated and expanded as you wish. So start planning and choosing one today!

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