Toilet Paper Dispensers

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Toilet roll dispensers come in various shapes and sizes in order to work with the amount of room the bathroom has. Different materials are used to make bathroom dispensers, but each type provides you with a long lasting device. There are controlled and non-controlled delivery tissue dispenser options that come in several designs and mounting choices. There are also models that allow for large toilet rolls to be used instead of the standard size. You’re guaranteed to find the toilet paper dispenser that works best with the amount of space available.

Single Toilet Tissue Units

Single toilet tissue holders can be found in chrome plated zinc, epoxy coated aluminum, chrome plated steel, cast aluminum, chrome plated brass, and stainless steel. Some models will have a controlled delivery system to limit the amount of toilet paper that is used with each pull. Standard toilet paper rolls will fit in this type of tissue dispenser. Many of the single bathroom tissue dispensers can be found in dual models with controlled or non-controlled delivery.

Door and Wall Mount installation and Toilet Tissue Models

Recessed single toilet paper holders are great for tight areas. Stainless steel with a bright or satin finish and chrome plated brass can be found with or without a hinged hood. Non-controlled delivery is most common with recessed toilet roll dispensers. There are also models that have a shelf attached to serve as an additional storage area above the toilet roll. You can easily use this area to store extra rolls of toilet paper or as a place for a customer to hold their personal items. The shelf is available in a color laminate with various shades to choose from. You can easily match the color with the rest of the bathroom to give it a more amiable appearance.

Dual Toilet Paper Units

Dual bathroom tissue dispensers are available in cast aluminum, stainless steel with a satin or bright finish, chrome plated zamac, and chrome plated steel. You will have multiple options on how you prefer to have the device mounted. Surface mounted, recessed, and partition mounted can hold up to four rolls at a time; which means less frequent refills. You will also have a choice between controlled and non-controlled delivery models.

Large Roll Tissue Units

Large toilet paper dispensers are made to hold jumbo sized toilet tissue rolls. The models are made of satin finish stainless steel and are surface mounted. There are models available that will hold single or dual jumbo rolls. Depending on the dispenser, they can hold a large toilet paper tissue roll that is up to ten inches. Large toilet paper holders are great for areas with enough space within each stall.

Tissue Dispenser Options

The amount of space you have inside the bathroom partitions will help determine what kind of toilet roll dispenser you choose. Many recess mounted models can help save valuable space in areas that don’t have a lot of extra room. For bathrooms that have spare space, installing dual toilet tissue holders can be the better option. Your customers will want to have a restroom area that is known to have toilet paper available. Dual toilet tissue dispensers require fewer refills from employees while still having toilet paper accessible to your customers.

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