Tips for Choosing the Right Crock Pot Lids

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Crock pot lids are essential when you want to achieve the best cooking results. Without the appropriate lid on your slow cooker. This is why you should pay careful attention to crucial care, use and shopping tips for slow cooker lids.

Handle lids with care. This is the most important tip of all so you don’t have to look for a lid replacement. The usual cause of damaged or crack lids is of poor handling. Make sure you transport removable inserts with lids in an upright level position to prevent slipping. If you have to clean your lid by hand, clean it close to the bottom of your sink to reduce the chances of breaking in case it slips.

Be sure to read the instructions. This is another vital tip that some users take for granted. It can be a chore to have to go through every word of an instruction manual. This is the best way however to protect your pot lid and unit from damage. Make sure you follow instructions for handling and cleaning pots. Recipe instructions should also be carefully followed or modified correctly to protect crock pot parts.

Breakage may be unavoidable. If you’ve done everything to take proper care of your lid and still end up with a broken lid, you’d have no choice but to look for a replacement. Make sure you buy only the lid that is intended for your pot model. Buying crock pot lids for different pot models can lead to gaps or improper fits which can affect the way a slow cooker cooks food. When buying crock pot lids make sure that you take not of the pot model which is usually found at the bottom or in the side.

Choose good features. Some manufacturers may no longer sell the exact same lids for specific models. They may however sell newer replacement lids that can still fit old pots. Whenever possible, choose lids made of clear glass to make food monitoring easy. It’s also a good idea to pick stick resistant covers that are dishwasher safe. This can make cleaning easier, thereby preventing damage due to handling during cleaning.

Latches and clamps are a must because most lids are fit loosely on the inner pot groove. If you want to keep your lid securely in place, you can choose to get accessories like latches and clamps. These are often sold separately but some brands have lids that already come with these security features.

Thrift stores could be a good shopping place especially when you have an old pot model. Manufacturer may stop manufacturing replacement lids entirely. If you can’t find an appropriate replacement in a manufacturer’s website, you can look for old lids in thrift stores or online auction sites. Do make sure you shop carefully though. Some sellers may sell partially damaged lids.

Crock pot lids can easily be damaged thus it needs good care. You also need to make sure you use them properly. If you can’t prevent damages to it though, the next best step is to look for an appropriate replacement. Settle for nothing less than a lid that matches your pot model exactly.

Get only the best crock pot lids and enjoy a brand new cooking and dining experience. Check out your options for the best crock pot lid from the best selections online.

Throwing / making a clay pottery tea pot on the wheel how to make demo

Ingleton Pottery After numerous requests I decided to have a go at making / throwing a Tea pot.
I did the whole process in one video so you won’t have to watch several different ones for each different bit,like throwing the body,pulling handles making the spout trimming , making the lid etc etc.
Believe it or not this is actually my first attempt at throwing a tea pot as my dad does all that kind of stuff.
I’m not the best at making handles but this didn’t turn out too badly.
Clay throwing wheel pottery making demo.
Anyway for all of you who have clicked to see the video thanks for watching.

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