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If you are the type who doesn’t rely on plumbers to help you in case you have some issues around the house, then good for you. But you should better know the basic kinds of tools before you go shopping for some. All you need is to know what kinds there are available, what kinds you need and how to use it. Once you’ve got everything covered, then you’re all set to go and shop. There are four major kinds of tools around the hardware.

1. The most common round-the-house tools are the essential ones since they are very useful in almost any kind of situation. They are also called hand tools. They are the braces, hammers, chisels, screwdriver, pliers, handsaw, sponges, clamps and levels. Now, if you are thinking of getting only one of each, make sure you get the right one, the kind that you really need.

2. The cutting tools are another thing. You don’t really need a lot but still, knowing what they are matters. They are the knives, blades, scissors, machete, reamer, drill bit, tool bit, axe, milling cutter, razor blade, chainsaw, scalpel and water jet cutter to name a few. Again, make sure you get the right one or this time, you’d get in trouble and also, store them properly away from children.

3. If you have a garden then garden tools are indeed an important stopover when shopping for tools, especially when you plan to landscape your garden. It might be a bit expensive but after the landscaping, the results will surely be worth it, especially if you have a green thumb. Some of the garden tools are hoes, spade, garden fork, rake, string trimmer, spade, hedge trimmer and spade.

4. Since power tools are not an everyday use, don’t feel obliged to go get some. Besides, they are usually the big types of saw and if you don’t chop woods for a living, then don’t purchase them. After all, you just need to know the kinds just to help you from getting the wrong ones during your tool shopping. You don’t really want to buy one that is of no use and keep it just to gather dust and dirt. Some of them are the band saw, chainsaw, circular saw, concrete saw, wood router, belt sander, radial arm saw, diamond blade, crusher, lathe, jigsaw, jointer, table saw, rotary tool, heat gun, sander, table saw, disc sander, thickness planer, crusher, diamond blade, drill, grinder and impact wrench.

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