The Evolution And History Of The Desk

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The evolution of desk furniture involves several hundred years of history. This form of furniture date back to the times of ancient Egypt and scribes used desks to make their scrolls. The ancient Greeks borrowed the design from the Egyptians and created desks for writing and artistic purposes. The basic function of a desk is to have a personal space to write and work from. They are usually made for one person. A chair is placed in front of the desk for the individual to sit on and do their work.

Desks come in a variety of different styles. Some are very traditional while others are more contemporary in design. Most are built with drawers and cabinets to facilitate storage. And now due to modern technology, most desk are built to hold a personal computer and its components. Desks are usually found in offices and homes. In the home, they can be found in a personal offices, like a study, or in the bedroom and living room areas.

This type of furniture became very popular in offices once the number of people entering the work force grew. In the late 19th century there was a significant boom in the office work industry. Furniture had to be made quickly and cheaply to accommodate this growth. Office desks became the main piece of furniture within all offices. They were made in a number of styles and sizes.

When the desks were mass produced, they were made with lower quality materials to keep the costs down. Some desks were now being manufactured by using metal and plywood. Desks were made in smaller sizes to accommodate more workers. And they were built to be more functional in an office space. They now had filing drawers and cabinets. And the table tops were made to be sturdy enough to hold heavy typewriters.

Desks are also found in schools and universities. The typical student desks are a chair with an attached tablet. But some student desks are larger pieces of furniture with interior drawers to hold notebooks and other supplies. Some desks are attached which are prominently found in lecture halls.

Student desks are now built to hold personal computers and its accompanying equipment such as printers. There are many features available on modern desk that include hide away draws and pull out shelves. Desks now come in many different sizes and styles.

Secretary desks are designed to be highly functional. They have built in filing options and many drawers to accommodate office supplies. These desks will have special shelves on the desktop for extra filing. Some will come with special shelves to hold a computer monitor and its components such as the printer. Secretary desks are built for one individual and are usually basic in design. The more elaborate desks are usually reserved for upper level executives.

Desk furniture has evolved over the years but very classic desks can still be found. The classic, traditional pieces are usually made of a fine wood such as oak or walnut and will have fine detailing in its design. The modern day desks are built using a variety of different materials ranging from wood to glass. Desks are very important pieces of furniture that can be found in every part of the world.

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