Seven Reasons to Buy a Large Hammock

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While searching for the perfect hammock you’ve probably seen some advertise themselves as “double” or even “jumbo” hammocks. But does larger mean better in a hammock? It sure does, and here are 7 reasons why.

A good hammock should be shared. Spacious “double hammocks” are wide enough for two people and make for a great addition at the cabin or your regular backyard. Couples can cuddle up next to one another or friends can sit and hang out sideways.
Large hammocks are great for kids. Having a family get together? Pile half a dozen little cousins together and let the laughter and memories begin. Since some big models can carry over 600 lbs. you can pile in as many as the space will allow.
Invite the Dog. As long as we’re on the path of adding people to your hammock why not let the family dog, cat or kangaroo? in on the action. The more the merrier!
Strength and Durability. The simple fact that a larger hammock can handle more weight means it’ll do a better job of carrying the day-to-day load of whoever uses it.
Space = Options. A small hammock dictates that you lie straight in an upright-cocooned position. This is great for some quick shuteye or reading a book. But a good hammock will let you do that and more. Want to lie flatter like in a bed? Simply turn diagonal until you’ve found your “angle.” Or stretch out completely sideways and swing away!
Better as a Bed. Did you know that you can use your hammock as a full time bed? Millions of people around the world sleep in a hammock every night and the benefits to your health are numerous.

Better for your back than a bed.
Fall asleep faster.
Enjoy deeper sleep.
Improve cognitive function.
Restore health + boost immune system.
Sore muscles recover faster.

If you want to enjoy all this you’ll need a hammock with the width and space to let you lie down properly.
Bragging Rights. If nothing else convinced you then just rest easy knowing you can always brag about the superior size of your hammock if you choose a larger model.

But with no real downside and all the benefits above, why wouldn’t you relax in the largest hammock possible?

In summary the best hammock for your bedroom is a large, hand-woven Mexican hammock with no spreader bar. Buy one of these and you’ll never want to go back to your regular bed again!

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