Keep Your Scrapbooking Gear Organized

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Scrapbooking is an interesting, even absorbing, hobby. First, you study the subject and gather as much material as you can, then you’ll need to visit a shop that will offer you what you need for your scrapbook. That part is easy, but how do you keep your scrapbook materials neat and organized?

You’ll quickly discover that you need to take steps to organize your supplies in order to have a successful scrapbooking hobby. This will ultimately save you time and leave you free to work on your projects and come up with brilliant new ideas, while at the same time allowing you more time for shopping!

Shelves are most certainly the first thing that every scrapbooker requires. Your bits and pieces can be organized into different types of containers, but if you don’t have the shelves to place them on, then those items will be all over your desk or table, which will take up too much of your work space. Ensure that your shelves are sturdy and large enough so that you don’t need to rummage through huge piles of paper, buttons, and ribbons.

Now your shelves will require organized storage space. Visit a scrapbook, fabric, hardware or craft shop for a range of boxes, drawers and other useful things to keep your scrapbook gear conveniently arranged. These containers will be handy to carry your stuff around in, too, without danger of them falling out all over the place.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money at these stores if you’d rather not. At home, you’ll discover all sorts things you can use – consider old baby bottles, little boxes and cartons and jars and bottles. You must have some old jewelry boxes or old tool or tackle boxes which aren’t being used anymore. Look at any empty container with new eyes and see whether you can re-use it for storage.

For flat items such as paper, cardstock and so on, use files – they’re really useful. You can get expandable plastic file holders that are extremely convenient, with a tough cover to protect your things, pockets to keep them separate, and a rubber band or other fastening device to keep the whole organizer secure.

If you go to scrapbooking meetings, or do your scrapbooking anywhere away from home, you need to have a convenient way to transport your materials easily and safely. Remember, you don’t need to take EVERYTHING with you when you go, just enough to work on a few layouts.

You will want to get a bag bigger than you think you need, because you’ll inevitably remember something you haven’t considered. Then you’ll be grateful for the extra space. Another good idea is to label everything you take with you. That way you can easily find your cutting tools or ribbons without having to sort through the whole bag.

The most important tactic for keeping your stuff organized is to pick a system and stick with it. You can organize by colors, sizes, themes, and patterns; you can even use multiple schemes to organize. Someone you know might have a system that’s great for them, but that doesn’t mean it’s great for you. All that really matters is that it’s organized in a way that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

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