How to Furnish a Home Office

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With modern communications enabling more and more people to work from home, the traditional study or library is taking on more serious proportions as people set up full-fledged offices in their spare rooms.

The most important element to a home office is a sturdy work area with adequate room for a computer and other equipment such as a printer and fax machine. Even with all this equipment, there is still need for empty workspace for doing paperwork and writing. A spacious and durable desk is essential, whether you choose the traditional heavy wood type with lots of drawers, or a modern glass and steel style.

You can also find coordinating items that will give your office a uniformed and pleasant appearance. Filing cabinets, book shelves, and storage cabinets are all useful items that can help organize your space and streamline your work. You can keep your important supplies within arm’s reach and still out of sight if you have plenty of shelves and drawers.

Almost as important as a desk is the chair in which you will sit for hours at a time. Comfort is the number one factor in choosing a chair however, you also should consider the ergonomics of your chosen seat. Ergonomics is the scientific element of design which takes into consideration the needs of the human body, particularly in work and living space. As you sit in the same spot day after day doing repetitive motions, your body and health can suffer, so before buying any type of office furniture, ask if it has been ergonomically designed.

Lighting is another important factor in a proper work space. Even if there is adequate overhead lighting, you may want a desk lamp that can provide you with extra lighting as you work on detailed paperwork. Look for a lamp that can be pointed in different directions as needed.

As you set up your office, you can also save yourself a lot of trouble and prevent a dangerous fire hazard if you organize and label your wires and electrical outlets. Buy wire ties and color coded sticker labels to keep them from getting tangled up. Also keep wires away from the middle of your work space where you can possibly trip over them and suffer from injury.

Finally, one of the easiest things to forget in any office is the décor. True, décor isn’t always functional, but it can make your work space a more pleasant place to be and add to your comfort. A couple bright and cheerful art prints on the walls will give you something to stop and stare at when your eyes are tired of looking at your computer monitor. A small plant or two brings the natural world inside and keeps you in touch with the great outdoors. Photos of your family; a nice, cozy rug; and your diplomas or awards framed nicely are also great ideas for decorating your office.

There are plenty of options for setting up your home office in a way that suits your personality and work style. Make your office work for you!

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