Don’t Forget To Clean Up Those Garden Tools for the Winter

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Understanding how to properly use and maintain garden tools will increase their life, help prevent personal injury, and increase your gardening enjoyment. An example would be making sure that your hoses coiled up correctly as it will prevent tripping. If your backyard rake is left out, imagine stepping on it and having one of the times go through your foot, or on the other hand having it come up and smack you in the head. It is very important never to leave any type of tool with points are edges on them hidden in grass or leaves where you can’t see them. Try to stay away from lawn mower blades, and this doesn’t only mean when they are running, as just brushing up against one that is sharp can leave a nice cut on your hand or arm. A small, slight crack in a wooden handle can be repaired by wrapping the handle with tape. If you have any though, a glass filament tape seems to work the best for this job.

Splinters in wooden handles of rakes, hoes, and shovels can be cured by sanding the face until it becomes smooth again; this not only protects your hands, but keeps the cracks from spreading and causing the handle to break.

A really easy way to make your wood handles last a little longer is to put on a few coats of either quality varnish or a good coat of paint. Any parts on the tool that are made out of metal may be painted as well and it is a good idea to use a coat of primer and to exterior coats. There is no need to paint any of the metal parts that are designed to go into the ground though.

Aside from preservation by paint, the tools are easier to find when their handles are of a color which makes them conspicuous if left lying on the grass: The color, therefore, should not be green or brown, but a bright contrast to the grass such as red. yellow, blue, or white.

The metal edges of shovels, hoes, rakes or other yard tools may become nicked. You can easily fix these nicks by simply using a metal file. If any of the surfaces on the metal parts of your tools have a rough surface a good way to take care of it is by using steel wool or some other type of abrasive. Dents may be straightened out by hammering with a mallet. Any break in a wheelbarrow whether in the metal parts ofr the wood, you need to make sure an repair promptly. If you want to preserve your wheelbarrow for a little bit longer period of time, you can easily do so by painting it as this helps to preserve the wood. Any of the moving parts on your tools should be oiled on a regular basis to keep them operating smoothly. For winter storage, keep tools in a dry spot as dampness could be harmful. Before your store your tools always make sure that they are clean and free of dirt and grass. If you want to prevent rust from forming on your tools, you can apply a mixture of petroleum jelly and light oil before storage.

If you properly take care of your backyard tools they will last you for many many years.

Another way to properly take care of your tools is to keep them organized. A garage tool organizer is a excellent way to do this, and you can read more about my visiting

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