Clean That Dirty Facility Power

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The electrical power needs of a lage company can be very challenging to meet as the amount of power available can be limited at times. Its imporatnt to note that no matter how much power is coming into the facility, that the power is dirty and unstable.

Facility power is the power that is coming into the building from the power grid. This power is very unstable and surges and fluctuates daily. This may not seem important, but it can cost you tons of money if you are running sensitive electronic equipment that depends on clean power. Most of us don’t notice these power fluctuations, but sensitive electronic equipment definitely notices the differences.

Unlike houshold appliances, sensitive electronic equipment is very different when it comes to the power source. Companies like the Airforce and the Navy run very sensitive and expensive electronic simulators to train their people for combat situations. These simulators can cost in the neighborhood of a billion dollars.

It can cost these companies a lot of money if dirty facility power surgs and ruins all of their equipment. What is the solution? The answer is custom UPS systems. These power systems take the incoming facility power and then isolate it and clean it so that the power that is output from the UPS system is clean and more stable. UPS systems are the key for large companies to protect their investment equipment and keep things running smoothly.

Not only do UPS systems clean power, but they also work with battery backup systems for critical applications that cannot lose power. These battery backup systems are also custom and can provide minutes to hours of battery backup depending on the need of the company. As you can see, there are solutions to providing clean, constant, and pure power to sensitive electronic equipment.

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