The Advantages of Anodized Aluminum Cookware

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A large number of cooks depend on the performance of aluminum cookware as they are making dishes for their household. Aluminum is lightweight, produces even heating for your foods, and is inexpensive. Aluminum was being depended on for generations in frying pans and tea kettles, at times when instant heating and easy cleaning are appreciated attributes. This well-liked and inexpensive metal has one or two drawbacks, unfortunately, and they will prove very obvious after only a few months of regular use. Another good option is the Anolon Advanced Nonstick Hard Anodized Aluminum 12 piece Cookware Set.

Aluminum normally has a thin, protective finish which is developed when the metal contacts the air. Heating, scrubbing and heating with acidic foods like tomatoes as well as citrus fruits will disintegrate this protective coating, causing a pitted, corroded pan. Additionally, seeing as these acidic foods contribute to the disintegration of your cooking surface, they could often absorb higher than standard levels of aluminum, and therefore so will you.

If you still prefer the good points of aluminum cookware but don’t want to continue eating it, anodized aluminum cookware could be the cure to those problems. Aluminum cookware gets anodized by being immersed in an acid liquid and then exposed to an electric current. The anodization method deposits a barrier of aluminum oxide on the surface of the pan, which is tougher and much more resilient than the natural occurring coating which happens to that metal. Anodized aluminum includes a non-stick and scratch-resistant coating which encases the base metal so it cannot interact with your tomato sauce. You might also want to look into Circulon Classic 14 Piece Cookware Set.

Anodized aluminum has the same good points as normal aluminum, meaning that it is lightweight and transfers heat quickly. The method of anodizing the aluminum adds a bit to the expense, although normally anodized aluminum cookware will be less expensive than stainless steel or ceramic cookware. This upgraded cookware is also harder than normal aluminum, and its nonstick surface enables more convenient heating and clean-up.

The health benefits offered by anodized aluminum are rather apparent. The nonstick surface cuts down on the amount of oil you have to rely on while cooking, and the hard-as-nails surface thwarts excess aluminum from sneaking into your food.

While anodized aluminum cookware is situated in the inexpensive area of the cookware spectrum, you might locate top of the line cookware which has undergone oxidization. Calphalon and All-Clad both carry anodized aluminum pieces as part of their cookware inventory, but you can also see more affordable pieces of this cookware in department stores.

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