The 90%: Why you Need Reading Glasses

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In this day and age, most people spend at least part of their day squinting at a computer screen. Whether you’re staring at your monitor for eight hours a day at your desk or trying to see the tiny print on your smartphone, we all typically come into contact with too-small text on a daily basis, which can lead to eye fatigue. The Wall Street Journal attributes this phenomenon to the rising popularity of reading glasses.

The Journal states that an excess of 90 percent of people suffer from “computer vision syndrome,” so don’t feel bad if your eyesight starts to get worse and you need glasses. You are not alone! Looking at a computer screen for at least three hours a day can cause strain, but reading eyeglasses can help eliminate the fatigue that you feel as well as any blurred vision that results as well.

Don’t worry, if you’ve never worn glasses before, remember they’re not something that just nerds and grandparents wear. In fact, two-thirds of those ages 18 and over wear some form of corrective eyewear, including reading glasses! You don’t have to specifically shop for these either, any frame can be customized to fit reading lenses. So if you end up finding the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses, but don’t quite need prescription lenses, there won’t be a problem.

Two things to remember when purchasing reading lenses for your glasses are to get an anti-scratch treatment as well as an anti-glare treatment. These help keep the polycarbonate material that the lenses are made out of safe, reducing the chance of any damage and also eliminating the annoyance of extra light in your eyes.

Some simple looks that both men and women will and enjoy can be found in the stunning collections of LINDBERG eyewear and Prodesign eyewear. Both brands are known for their streamlined designs, clean lines, and modern style. The top unisex looks from these companies include LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 eyeglasses, a rimless and ovular frame, and Prodesign 4639 glasses, which is a rectangular frame made of plastic that flatters both masculine and feminine facial features.

Since you’ll only be needing them when you have to read, keeping your glasses nearby is a cinch with La LOOP accessories. The eyewear necklace comes in a number of great colors to go with your everyday look and has a large hoop on the bottom to hold your specs when they’re not in use.

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