Styles That Suit You: A Roll Top Desk

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In the 19th century a roll top desk was the ultimate fashion piece of furniture. Now it is coming back into fashion thanks to its usefulness and unique design. Seen in previous centuries as a work desk, people now use them as computer desks.

Aspects of the Roll Top Desk:

Functional Aspects

Many roll top desks are made from wood. This is because it is the traditional way that they have been made and it also suits the design rather than metal. You can find a roll top desk in any solid wood such as cherry, walnut, mahogany and oak. You can also buy different designs to suit the user.

Desks such as these can be used as both a computer desk and a coffee table. This can be done by rolling the top over. You can place this desk in any part of the house especially communal areas such as lounges.

Even if you do choose to use this desk as a work station you can still use it for the occasional living needs. It is the sort of furniture that people will come into your home and admire so whether it is for work or for pleasure, a roll top desk will fit into your home.

This desk is a beautiful piece of furniture and can easily be incorporated into the interior scheme. Anyone who is interested in antiques will be looking to have one of these in their homes. You can not only use it as a work desk but as a beautiful piece of furniture too.

If you are unsure where to put your new desk then why not invest in a model with wheels. These desks can be moved from room to room. Once you have settled on a place you can make your desk more permanent by putting the ply board side panels on. You can also fill the desk with drawers and spaces for other computer peripherals such as CD’s, printers, scanners etc.

Because these desks are made from solid wood it means that it is much harder to break into. Some designs come with security measures such as locks and devices to avoid theft of personal items. The top also protects from this and also protects your computer from dust and debris.


Lots of thought and design has gone into the roll top desk. They have been designed to be useful, functional and stylish. You can choose large or small according to your needs and because of them being so popular in the previous centuries, you can now find many desks available in antique stores.

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