Outdoor Furniture and Grill Maintance Basics


Having an outdoor living space is both enjoyable and entertaining. But when it comes to maintenance the tables will turn. Outdoor furniture and grill are exposed to excessive sunlight, heavy rain, snow and etc. How do we maintain the quality of our merchandise? How will we maintain their physique and style? Here are the guidelines in effectively maintaining your outdoor living furniture and grill.

Hose down any unwanted particles like leaves, dried bird droppings, dust, grime, and dirt. After hosing them down, put them in the sun to dry up. Be sure to let them completely dry before putting them back in their original place.

For those hard to remove stains and dirt, opt to brush them using a soft nylon brush and soapy water to clean them. Brush them thoroughly. Be sure to get into all the sides, curves and nooks and crannies. Hose them down and brush them a second time. Afterwards, let them dry in the sun.

Consider repainting and polishing your wooden furniture. This will really help maintain their overall quality and appearance. This will also prevent future cracked surfaces and chipping. Polish is like food to the wood. You can polish them twice every two weeks for outstanding results. You can then paint your wood once every month.

Cushions, pillows, seat covers, outdoor rugs and drapes should be machine washed. Hang them outside to dry. Not letting them completely dry will give them a very foul smell. This should be done every two weeks to ensure safety to your family, especially kids who love hugging and kissing outdoor pillows and cushions. You can also spot clean them with a handful of soapy water and an old toothbrush. This can be done daily.

Umbrellas should be washed and brushed with soapy water at least twice a month. They really catch up huge quantities of dust and dirt. They should be completely dry before you store them away. Otherwise they’re color will fade and their structure will be weak and unreliable.

You can lightly soap, brush and rinse your aluminum furniture. Apply naval jelly to help prevent rusting and flaking.

Heavily hose down wicker furniture to remove dirt and debris. Next, pressure-brush them with soapy water and nylon brush. Let them dry in the sun before taking them back to their place.

Use a steel bristled brush to clean your grill. A tougher brush is needed to clear away bacteria and food remains that might have accumulated on it after cooking. Pressure-brush them with soapy water until all the grease have gone. Dry them with a damp cloth. A hair dryer can also be used to help dry them faster. The final step is to apply cooking spray to prevent it from mildew and rust. Opt to clean your grill after every use. Cover them with grill covers so that they’ll be protected against harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor living is truly a worthwhile investment. Protect your investment by maintaining it effectively and thoroughly.

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Is your generator too loud? Here’s what I did to quiet mine down a little bit. Its not “Honda” quiet, but it is a lot better than it was.
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15 thoughts on “Outdoor Furniture and Grill Maintance Basics”

  1. Alan Brown says:

    A lot of that noise is from the induction system, not the exhaust. You can quieten that down fairly easily.

  2. Gary Wallin says:

    insulated quiet box with redneck cooling fan lots of vids about them. i agree with you grizzled one more noise than just exhaust

  3. michael fawcett says:

    use a box better by far

  4. perry12night says:

    its the engine  that makes the noise   not the exhaust .

  5. Piper Phillips says:


  6. Mr. & Mrs. Chicken says:

    you want quite ? don't use Generator he…he…. , just kidding

  7. Dana Williams says:

    I have sensitive hearing because of my low vision, and if I know somebody who owns a generator and I'm at their house for the night when the power goes out, do you suggest earplugs during the time that the generator is on so the noise doesn't bother me whether I'm sleeping or not? I'm kind of in countering that type of situation now due to a big wind storm we had near where I live. Please help me before the next future long power outage.

  8. Grizzbee Uno says:

    You want quiet than build a enclosure

  9. Grizzbee Uno says:

    Won't be long till some part of the pipe crack. Motor moves because on rubber mounts but muffler and pipe cannot because you welded to frame.

  10. C Moon says:

    thank you sir of all your obvious mechanical skills I find consideration of your neighbors admirable lucky them

  11. James Nelson says:

    I wonder if you could build some kinda insulated box around the crank case to muffle the mechanical racket.. If small engines were water cooled they would be much quieter and you wouldnt have to worry about air flow other than through a small radiator. Then you could box the engine in.

  12. C Moon says:

    what makes the Hondas so much quieter?

  13. Jason Adkins says:

    Most of the noise comes from the top end of the engine, not the exhaust. I did the same thing you did before I figured that out

  14. Jason Anthony says:

    No matter what the engine noise will be loud on cheaper models

  15. streethustla24 says:

    its still loud as hell dude, even a deaf ear can hear that shiit.

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