How to Enjoy Shoveling Snow


During the long winter holidays as a child, do you remember how much fun it was? How exciting everything was; a ton of presents underneath the tree, the permeating good mood, and of course, fluffy white snow? It was when kids went outdoors and played out in the snow, did some ice hockey, had snowball fights, or even just constructed snowmen out on their front yards. It is something one would wish to experience again.

But, as you got older, winter was a time for frustration and stress for adults. You worry about your children whenever they play outdoors, fearing that the cold weather would bring about a cold. You make sure that the house is fortified against the cold seasons; making sure that power cables hold up, checking that vehicles have anti-freeze, and of course, shoveling off the snow that piles up on the driveway and pathways so they can be used.

We can help you in that latter concern, for there have been modern ideas that uses the concept of the standard snow shovel to take you to a new level. You see, the snow shovel is the classic way to clear off your lawn from snow; unfortunately, it is very bulky and hard to use. The combined weight of snow and shovel have caused countless backaches all over America. There have even been a few heart attacks from the strain.

So to fix that, we made a shovel blade out of super-light materials. In addition, we attached a cord to where the shovel blade and the handle meet. This cord, in turn, is just below three feet long, and it ends in a handle of its own. With this simple but impressive design, you eliminate the need to bend down, and consequently are able to shovel more snow with less time ad effort.

When using our best snow shovel design, you will soon find yourself performing this chore with hardly any problem at all. You’ll finish the deed in half the time, and you can thus find more moments to enjoy winter as you did as a child.

Tired at stretching his back day in and day out during winter, Douglas Cordell was this close to buying an expensive tool before he discovered the Best Snow Shovel. If you want to Shovel Snow in half the time, check out our new and innovative tool!

A combination of soundplay, proper nade placement, positioning, and skill results in a nice 5k.

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20 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Shoveling Snow”

  1. Internal Error says:

    Still op.

  2. baryonx ovi says:

    R.I.P. ijji

  3. mihai nicolae says:

    Hi snowshovel,
    I recently bought the m14 but i can't make a single frag with it. I regret that i bought it. I don't hape para but which one do you like the most?
    Amazing video as always!

  4. Royal Fox says:

    snow make more vids with the m14

  5. Darren Lin says:

    K is kill

  6. crzymn246 says:

    I know THAT, but that's clearly not what it refers to in-game.

  7. StarkeRealm says:

    k after a number stands for thousand.

  8. Lã Xuân Linh says:

    Hi Snow, I have 2 questions.
    1: do u have any problem with the laggers?
    2: your M14x using GT650M DDR5 right? My laptop is using GT650M DRR3, but I can't reach such a good FPS like that (ofcourse I dont expect more than 100FPS) When I record, although I set my shader to 2.0 medium and my FPS is JUST 45-50 that make it very hard to play, so do you have any advice? Cuz I really want to record my gameplay without lag

  9. Ariesqui Castillo says:

    So you're rich? Alienware M14x is on 1,199.99

  10. Ricky Hou says:

    It's crazy, seems u know exactly where they are!

  11. crzymn246 says:

    SnowShovel – quick question: When people say 5k, 7k, and 10k in-game, what are they referring to?

  12. men Gentel says:

    Nobody can do the head shot for 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

  13. 佐藤泰希 says:

    Electric Beam Rifle

  14. Kevin Ye says:


  15. iDontlikel says:

    2:38 u used it like a sniper Lmfao Nice Shot

  16. MrKillachristopher2 says:

    what gun is that

  17. 張小蘭 says:


  18. 김송주 says:

    왗쩌냌 you good

  19. emanuel ariel says:

    snow what mods do u use on m14? and btw do u use macro on m14?

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