How To Buy Neti Pot Salt

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Use of a neti pot to help manage sinus problems is growing in the western world. Nasal Irrigation using a saline solution is an ancient practice of the far east that is slowly catching on in other areas of the world.

The neti pot uses a salt formula to perform the sinus flush. Those new to this concept can have questions about the proper salt concentration as well as where to obtain the proper salt products.

There are just a few tips that you need to know when you are looking to buy neti pot salt and related products.

1. What is your level of experience with a neti pot?

One should consider their level of experience using a neti pot when buying salt products. New users can be anxious about the procedure, and shouldn’t start out with a stronger saline concentration.

It is important to remember that the ideal saline content will match the body’s own saline content. In other words, you would be using a saline formula that is essentially the same as the saline content in your tears.

Experienced users can and do opt for stronger saline formulas to do their nasal irrigations. The key word here is experienced…These users will know what to expect with stronger concentrations and their body’s reaction to these formulas.

New users should start with the basic saline mixtures available and then work their way up to the stronger formulas as they get comfortable with the process.

2. What is the current condition of your sinuses?

The proper saline content can depend on how healthy your sinuses are to start with. Those with chronic and severe sinus problems will likely want to start out with a normal or Isotonic solution.

Here again the user can adjust the mixture to suit their individual preferences. Those that have been advised to perform nasal irrigation after sinus surgery should follow their doctor’s orders and mix the saline solution as directed.

Those individuals that have allergies may wish to flush their sinuses more often and therefore should use a normal mixture.

3. Know what neti pot salt products are available.

Perhaps one of the most important things you should know is that there are numerous neti pot salt products available.

These will be packaged in three basic forms.
1. Individual premixed packets
2. Bulk packaging
3. Nasal rinse additives that are liquid in form.

In addition to the packaging types, there are various strengths and types of salt and rinse additives.

Most of the prepackaged products will be designed for use with a neti pot and is usually mixed so as to give you a normal saline concentration after mixing with warm water in the neti pot.

Bulk salt products must be measured to obtain the proper amount for use in the nasal pot. Storage is an issue with the bulk products and they are best used when the user can store the product near the place they are going to use it.

Nasal rinse additives comes in a variety of types and are usually added to the neti pot along with the preferred type of salt. The additives can be strong and will cause discomfort for the user. It is possible to get additives that are made from the capsaicin (The hot ingredient in pepper). It is also possible to get essential oils and herbal mixtures as well.

4. Additional considerations

Will you be traveling with your neti pot? If so, then you should consider what type of salt packaging will work best for you. In some cases a small handful of premixed packets will suffice. Traveling with bulk salt packets will be harder to pack and can cause problem with security checkpoints during flying, etc.

Lets review the tips. Consider your experience so you don’t run into any unexpected problems. For instance, don’t run out and buy a hot pepper based additive and try it on your very first attempt.

Allow for fact that your sinuses may be more sensitive if you are already having problems. Be willing to experiment with different saline concentrations after you have become comfortable with the process.

Educate yourself as to what products are available. Only then, can you make an informed decision about the products you may need or wish to try.

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