Freshman Fifteen: The College Student Tool Box

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When it comes time to preparing your freshman for college, the list may seem endless – from towels and dishes to furniture and clothes. And you may find yourself returning to the store for items that slipped your mind. Something that may have slipped your mind altogether is a college toolbox. Your budding adult may not be the handiest of the group, but a basic tool kit will come in handy for the million and one little projects your freshman may have to tackle during this new season of life.

1. Hammer
This is a must-have for anyone. Don’t think huge framing hammer. A small, lightweight craft or hobby hammer will do nicely for all the little projects that may come up – like hanging pictures on the walls.

2. Screwdrivers
Consider a medium-sized Phillips head and a small- to medium-sized flat head for the college tool box. Your freshman will use them to remove battery covers, open a paint can lid, and actually drive a screw into something.

3. Pliers
A medium-sized pair of pliers will come in handy when it comes time to put together that easy-to-assemble desk. They’re also ideal for adjusting a million in one things or removing a stubborn jar lid.

4. Adjustable Wrench
While the wrench may not be a tool that your college student uses often, it will be useful for tightening a loose bolt on a bed, desk, or closet door. Adjustable wrenches are an economical one-size-fits-all tool rather than purchasing a full set of wrenches in various sizes.

5. Utility Knife
The indispensable utility knife is the tool of choice for endless projects such as cutting carpet remnants, art assignments, and any other projects that require cutting through a thick or layered surface. They’re also ideal for cutting open care packages from home.

6. Duct Tape
The ultimate repair tool, duct tape can be used on nearly anything that needs repairing – from books to bags. Duct tape is also great for hanging posters and securing a loose sole to your freshman’s favorite pair of sneakers.

7. Putty Knife
When school comes to an end, and it’s time to take down the pictures hanging on the walls, the putty knife is the tool of choice for fixing the holes with some putty. An inexpensive item, the putty knife is priceless investment for those who want their security deposits refunded.

8. Assortment of Screws
The local hardware store offers a small assortment of screws in a variety of sizes. You may never know for what they may come in handy.

9. Finish Nails
If you’ve got a bevy of pictures to hang, finish nails are ideal, as they cause minimal wall damage and leave a very small hole.

10. Flash Light
Hopefully, your freshman won’t find himself or herself in the dark, but in case of a power outage due to storm or some unexplainable freshman mishap, your student won’t be left in the dark with a sturdy flash light.

11. Extension Cords
The college student’s best friend, extension cords are a must for the tech collection that invariably will make its way to school with your freshman. Most dorm rooms were not constructed with plentiful electrical outlets, so bring along plenty of extension cords.

12. Surge Protectors
Likely you spent most of the dough that is your child’s electronic collection. Make sure it’s protected with a surge protector.

13. Three Prong Adapters
Some dorms on older campuses were not constructed with electrical outlets with grounds, which means appliances, hair dryers, computers, etc. with three-prong plugs are not going to fit. Just in case, pick up a couple adapters to be prepared.

14. Broom & Dustpan
These may not be considered tools, but cleaning supplies are a must, even if you think your freshman won’t use them. If nothing else, the broom and dustpan will hopefully be there when it comes time to pack up and move out.

15. Plastic Totes
From small to large, plastic totes are ideal for storing all sorts of items, from clothes to food, and keeping things organized. Small totes are great for storing cosmetics, jewelry, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

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