For an Extravagant Outdoor Event Switch to Inflatable Structures

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You have decided on a theme for the party and the location too. The next step is to organize your theme party, which will include food, seating and also other decorations. However, before you begin with all this, you have to get the stretch structure or tent in the perfect position. If you chose an outdoor venue in Sydney hire tents, they look modern, stylish and trendy.

No matter what your theme is Moroccan, Indian, Arabian, Bohemian or Corporate there are event companies organizing lavish cocktail parties. Event decor in Sydney provides a unique atmosphere and experience for everyone present. For a lasting impression, it is integral that the right team of designers, engineers and managers work with you to create a grand bash.

A lot of imagination and innovation goes into creating and organizing the perfect event. A stretch structure is designed especially for events in a variety of shapes – arch, dome, shell and cube. The inflatable marquees and event structures are tailored to fit any style or mood. Event companies customize and design structures within your budget. They also arrange for a service tent, portable toilets and generator.

Stretch structures are perfect for conventions where you require some workspace immediately. For sculptural or art-related parties, this kind of atmosphere is both functional and fun. Selecting from the lavish furnishings, inflatable furniture and interiors is the first step that sets the mood and tone of the event. Inflatable furniture is portable and can be installed easily, add it anywhere for comfy seating.

Arabian themed parties are popular among celebrities and for marketing events. Bedouinflex customized tents are a two-way stretch fabric that are 100% waterproof. Enjoy and indulge even if it’s raining outside. Finalize on any style contemporary or Middle Eastern, project managers in coordination with designers will furnish your tent with ottomans, tea lights, palm trees, rugs, cushions and candelabra, etc.

Proper lighting arrangements for the theme party are also crucial. Add inflatable lighting, decor and furnishings to make the event even more extravagant. In a variety of shapes and colors create a glorious evening by including spheres, curved walls and inflatable stars.

Inflatable lightings are an excellent choice for birthday parties, special events, anniversaries, weddings, exhibitions and corporate functions. Fabric lights are long lasting, adding glamour and style to the party. Portable and easy to install inflatable lights can be used in both positions – free standing and suspended.

Bedouin Freeform Tents is an Australian based company offering party hire, customized event decor, canopy hire options and more. With event decor in Sydney create a fun-filled, themed party by providing a unique experience to all of your guests.

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