3 Reasons to Buy a Double Hammock

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The statement “go big or go home” is a popular maxim among extreme athletes. But it should apply to taking a Sunday afternoon nap as well. If you’re going to buy a hammock, here are 3 reasons why you should choose the largest one possible.

1) Double Hammock = Triple the Options

While most hammocks are fairly similar in length, there’s a big difference in width between a regular, small hammock and the really large double hammock. And in the width you have options.

A narrow hammock only allows you to lie forward. This is actually great for reading a book (head raised, arms supported at your sides), but it’s not overly comfortable for long naps. A wider hammock allows you to not only lie straight, but to lie diagonally or even sideways as well. If you want to lie flatter and really stretch out your legs, arms and back then just turn diagonally. You’ll have less of a “banana” angle and be much more comfortable for longer naps. (In Mexico and Central America many residents actually sleep in hammocks every night and use this technique for maximum comfort). For this reason, larger hammocks are much more comfortable.

You can also lie sideways and swing back and forth. This position is especially great when sharing the hammock with children or friends.

2) Everybody’s Invited

Remember that saying, “if you didn’t bring enough candy to share with everyone, then don’t bring any at all?” The same should be true for hammocks; which are generally used at lakeside cabins, on the patio, or other areas where friends and family get together, share stories and relax. So “if you’re going to get a hammock: buy a hammock that everyone can share!”

For maximum space when sharing the hammock, have everyone lie sideways across the hammock. If you want to cuddle then lay the long way.

3) Built to Last

The final reason why you should buy a large hammock: Durability. It should seem obvious but larger hammocks are built to handle larger loads. That means they have added strength. And since every hammock takes a beating–whether from wet, windy weather, people jumping in and out of them, or the simple constant strain on their strings–even a hammock intended for one person should be built strong enough for two.

So if you want to be much more comfortable, make more friends, and have a hammock that lasts for years, just remember:

“Go big or go home!”

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