Why Designer Office Chairs Are Worth The Investment

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Offices permeate so many aspects of our culture. People get up in the morning and head to work, often in an office, and they get back home and head into their office at home to catch up or redo little bits of work. In this increasingly digital age of instant communications, people are starting to work from home a lot more too. So offices really are everywhere. Office furniture is therefore a huge consideration, not just in the workplace for large groups of people but also at home for individuals.

There are a number of things you need to consider, things like a desk are obviously going to be needed along with the other accoutrement that will depend entirely on the individuals job and role that they perform. But what is universally needed is a chair. An office chair that is comfortable and functional, the modern idea is that the chair is a vehicle that helps you be more productive. But there are a large number of options out there, so what do you look for when trying to find the right one.

Generally speaking, your office will ideally be a highly creative and innovative space. So you want your office chair to reflect that. It’s possible to get a cheap chair that is very well designed and provides this sort of aura. But it’s fair to say that most people will want a designer chair as their first choice. Naturally these are a lot sturdier and are visually stunning as opposed to just pleasing. Your workplace naturally progresses as time goes on, and office chairs that are design classics tend to continually look in place as you and your work evolve. So a beautiful designer chair is worth investing in, as the urge to replace it is certainly diminished and you therefore save money.

These sorts of chairs are superior on an engineering level too. In the modern age there is an increasing focus on ergonomics, which is the design of equipment that fits to the natural shape of the human body and its movements. This makes for a healthier and happier user, as it essentially provides an increased level of comfort. Designer chairs take this into consideration, in a very detailed way. Now it is possible to obtain a perfectly good ergonomic chair at a reasonable price, however there is a balance between the level of ergonomics and visual appeal that will often become askew the cheaper you go. It’s a compromise. Designer chairs stand out because they don’t compromise at all, they endeavour to fuse high end design and ergonomic needs whilst using good quality materials to create a chair that is comfortable, beautiful and pleasurable to use. This is the benefit of high end office chairs, and this is what justifies the high price.

These are the sorts of chairs that will one day be in museums, so unlike regular office chairs they appreciate in value. There are a range of companies out there, some of which have higher profiles than others – but many have been manufacturing luxury chairs for decades and have therefore refined their designs into classic and beautiful pieces of furniture.

There is a lot of furniture in an office, but the chair is easily one of the most important pieces. So it’s natural to want the best. Hopefully you know a little bit more about the benefit of high end chairs now, and if you want the best you’ll realise that it’s worth the investment.

Jeffrey Nevil writes on a number of subjects including Herman Miller Embody.

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