What you need to know about a silent generator

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In places where commercially-produced power is not available or when regular power supply fails, a power generator proves to be extremely helpful. The availability of different models of silent generator makes it crucial to consider how silent a generator should be, how much powerful it should be, where will it be located and how expensive would it be to purchase and operate it. After you find answers to these questions, selecting a silent generator involves measuring the trade-offs in generation capacity, power, design features and price.

If you are concerned about the noise level of a generator, it is helpful to decide how quiet the generator should be so as to meet the needs of the users. On the contrary to a standard generator that can function at noise level of 100 decibels or more, a silent generator functions at noise level of around 65 decibels or less. The noise produced by a silent generator is similar to that produced during a conversation between two people. Some quietest generators even operate at about 50 decibels, producing noise similar to that of a running refrigerator.

When talking about the design of a silent generator, it includes special materials that aid in reducing vibration. The remaining noise is reduced by the enclosures. Although not necessary, the noise produced by a generator depends on its power output. Higher the power output, more will be the noise.

Power output for generators designed for residential use varies. While the lower power models are capable of generating about 1,000 to 1,500 Watts, the more powerful ones produce an output of 7,000 watts or more. Prior to choosing a generator, ensure to carefully consider the expected power demand it should fulfill. A generator with lower power output will be a perfect option if you want to run a few small appliances like lamps, radios and alarm clocks. Conversely, if the generator will be used to run appliances with high energy demand or multiple appliances at once, a model with higher power output would suffice.

It is also essential to consider the location where the generator will be used. In areas without commercially-generated power, a silent generator can be used as the source of power for a home or cabin. A few models make an ideal choice for this, owing to their capability to be hard-wired into a residential electric system.

Apart from noise level, power output, cost and location are other factors that must be considered when buying the best silent generator India.

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