Ways You Can Upgrade Your Patio Design in Perth

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Dome patios are a great addition to your home design in Perth as it adds an extra oomph to your house and overall atmosphere. It may serve as your outdoor office, dining room or living room, it is a great extension to your house especially if you want to deviate yourself from an enclosed space from time to time. Here from First Choice Patios, a company that offers services in patio design in Perth, we will give you ways in which you can upgrade your patio living and the way you experience it.

Improve landscaping
Patios connected to your backyard or garden are the best type, as your line of sight as a homeowner continues on and on as far as your garden goes. By improving your landscape, you will be creating a greater view from your patio, making it more comfortable to just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Be sure to add vibrant flowers, small trees, and you can even set up a trellis wall wherein your vines can grow and flourish. Some of the most wonderful species of vine you can plant are Coral Honeysuckle, Moonflower, Wisteria, Chocolate Vine, Star Jasmine, Virginia Creeper, Etoile Violette, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Hops and Hyacinth Bean.

Add a fireplace
We all know how warm Australia is during the midday but when the night falls, especially during winter, it will get a wee bit chilly. This is why adding a fireplace literally adds a warmer touch to your patio. You can sit on the sofa at night and just enjoy the warmth, or you can make s’mores with your family or friends over wonderful conversations that would feed your soul.

Add a fountain or a pond
The Chinese Feng Shui will always encourage adding fountains and fish ponds in your home as it symbolises continuous flow of money and prosperity. However, there is also another reason why they encourage this as a decorative and functional part in one’s home, for they know that fountains and ponds help give a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The mere sound of water flowing and rushing will put anyone at ease, that is why it is so easy to fall asleep when your room is beside the ocean, not to mention, having a fountain or pond whether inside or outside your patio just makes it look so beautiful.

Provide ambient lighting
By adding ambient lights to your dome patio, you will be able to set the mood of the place to whatever you want it to be. One night, you can make into a party place where your friends can gather around, by the next, you can shift into a romantic dinner place where you and your romantic partner can enjoy your own privacy.

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