New Cigar Collectors How to Choose the Best Accessories

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If you’re new to cigar collecting, you probably already know that you have a lot to learn about this hobby. Not only is there an innumerable selection of cigars from which to choose, but there are also many accessories that can add to the pleasure you’ll find in your new pastime. Of course, not every new cigar collector needs every accessory, but there are several you’ll find to be useful as well as fun.

The first accessory that any cigar collector should purchase is a lighter. While you can certainly light up your stogie with a match, why not use a stylish lighter? After all, you’ve taken up an impressive hobby, so you should look impressive when you enjoy it.

The Xikar Crossover Flower Jet Flame Lighter is not only reliable but fashionable as well. Made of stainless steel, this rectangular lighter is guaranteed to last as well as to look good while it goes about its business of lighting your most special cigars.

But maybe you want a lighter that is always handy when you’re working. One impressive option is the HC Tabletop Yellow Triple Flame Lighter. This stainless steel beauty is made to be seen, so you’ll be proud to keep it on your desk, close at hand. It features a lovely exotic design on the side, and offers reliable functionality. This cigar lighter was designed with your comfort and sense of style in mind.

Of course, you’ll need someplace to rest your cigar when you’re not actively smoking it. Look at the décor of your home or office to determine what sort of ashtray will suit you best. If you have a formal décor, a Lead Crystal Ashtray with 4 Slots is a receptacle that does a fashionable job. Made of genuine lead crystal, this is a beautiful accessory for any home or office.

If you prefer furnishings that are more substantial–dark wood furniture, glossy paneling, deep rugs–choose an ashtray that reflects that style. The Tatuaje Fleur de Lis 4 Cigar Ashtray is made of black ceramic and features not only a fleur-de-lis on its bowl and sides–it is also embellished with the ‘Tatuaje’ logo. This hefty ashtray will hold up to four cigars, so your cigar-smoking friends can join you for a brandy and a smoke.

You’ll need to choose a cutter to keep your cigars trimmed, and there are several fine options available in any price range. If you need to keep costs low at the start of your cigar collecting hobby, you might choose the Double Blade Cutter from Firstland. This is a stylish accessory with self-sharpening blades. That means that it looks good as it gives you clean cuts every time.

Orleans has designed a reasonably priced cigar cutter, as well. The Double Blade Stainless Oval Cigar Cutter is made of stainless steel and offers twin-blade guillotine action. This is a durable cutter that looks great and will last a long time, giving you shred-free cuts every time you use it.

You might prefer a cutter with a more unique look. The Xikar Xi2 Fiberglass cutter offers double-blade action with one-button ease. Its tear-drop shape makes it easy to hold and the blades are constructed of surgical-sharp steel that will give you clean cuts on thousands of cigars.

Some people prefer to cut their cigars with scissors. The Xikar MTX Multi-Tool Cigar Scissor is not only comfortable to use, but has sharper blades than most cigar scissors. This lightweight accessory also features a box opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, cigar piercer and box nail remover. You’ll want to carry this with you even when you don’t plan to smoke.

If you like to smoke while doing other things, you’ll need a place to rest your cigar. The accessory you choose will depend on the activity. For example, if you’re a golfer, you might choose the Golf Course Cigar Holder. This fine piece clips on your golf bag, providing you with a handy resting place. It also serves as a divot tool, providing you with double the usefulness.

Another holder you might choose is the Grip Clip Cigar Holder. This one is versatile enough to clip almost anywhere, even your vehicle dashboard. It’s easy to carry and will definitely come in use wherever you might be and whatever you might be doing.

Of course you’ll want a portable cigar case to carry your favorite cigars. Which case you choose will depend on how long you’ll be away from your collection. Carry four cigars in the Perdomo Logo 4 Cigar Case. This piece is made of chestnut-brown leather with the Perdomo Cigars logo stamped on the front of the upper portion. It’s a telescoping travel case that you can tuck in your suit pocket or toss inside your briefcase. You’ll never be without a cigar when you carry one of these.

When choosing cigar accessories, consider your lifestyle and fashion sense. You’ll never go wrong, and your accessories will reflect who you really are.

Kieth Lewis is a freelance writer who writes about shopping for a variety of products including cigars.

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