For a Better Hammock Go Bigger and Brighter

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Any quick search for the best hammock will dozens of different companies recommending dozens of different styles of hammocks. So what should you really focus on when shopping for a hammock?

Bigger is better:
A hammock should be large. Try searching for a large, family or “double hammock.” In almost any case a larger hammock is better. Keep in mind that larger hammocks mostly mean wider hammocks. Length will vary but the biggest difference is in how wide a hammock is. The exception to the “bigger is better” rule is if you’re using the hammock for camping, or in a very small room with less than 10 ft. of space between walls. Otherwise, the extra size will give you a few benefits.

First, you can share it with another person. There are few things more romantic than lying in a hammock with your partner.

Second, the larger hammocks will generally support more weight and therefore be more durable and experience less wear and tear than a smaller, less strong hammock.

Third, a double hammock will give you more space to stretch out. The extra width allows you to lie at an angle which will help you get a flatter position. You can also lie sideways for a more playful position and swing back and forth. Or, lie flat as normal; a great position for reading a book.

Brighter is Better:
Color is often overlooked in hammocks. Perhaps that’s because most of us are accustomed to the classic white rope hammock with two wooden spreader bars we’ve always seen in backyards. But this is purely an American thing. There’s a whole other world of hammocks out there. And when it comes to hammocks, the best ones by far come from Mexico and Nicaragua, both home to some very colorful hammocks.

So try looking for a Nicaraguan or Mayan (Mexican) hammock that either incorporates colors that compliment your house, patio or backyard, or one that really goes all out and has some flashy colors that make a statement.

Oh, and one last bonus tip: whether you get a large colorful hammock as recommended here or a simple American white rope hammock, ditch the spreader bars. They actually make the hammock less comfortable by inhibiting its ability to flex and adjust to your shape and weight and they also make it much more tippy and hard to get into.

So enjoy your hammock and remember: bigger and brighter is better.

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