Encouraging Good Study Habits In Kids

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Getting your children to study can be a little like getting them to eat their vegetables. It may seem like an uphill climb and you may think that nothing will work when it comes to getting your kids to hit the books. There have been a lot of changes to the way kids can learn, however, that can help make your job a lot easier and can even make learning fun!

One of the best ways to establish good study habits for your kids is to set up a routine that they follow. Make a study time and have it at the same time every day. This will help your kids to learn to schedule their day and will give them a sense of control over how they spend their time.

Allow them to study in blocks of time, such as for half an hour with a five minute break in the middle. Hold them to the schedule they create for themselves. Ideal study times are after dinner or right after school before dinner.

Get your kids to turn off the television more often. Some kids will want to watch TV right when they come home from school, plunking themselves on the couch with a big bowl of potato chips. Try to curb this bad habit by offering some sort of reward for hitting the books early. Television makes kids turn passive and shuts them down. Instead, use incentives to get your kids moving!

Never allow your children to study in front of the television, as that will encourage passive activity and will not stimulate educational patterns. Instead, use TV as a treat or a reward for when the homework is completed.

You’ll also need to help your kids find the right place to study. After you’ve established a good study time for little learners, set up a good place where they can get those creative juices flowing. Pick a place where your children can study properly. Make sure there is a table or a desk and a comfortable chair.

You don’t want your children lying down on their beds to study, as this is a place that is generally associated with sleep. If you don’t have a desk in your child’s room, it might be a good idea to invest in one. Get a good sturdy office-style chair, too, so that your child will be comfortable.

Finally, spend time when your kids when they’re studying. This includes helping them out with their homework on occasion and being there for them with the answers to any questions. The input your give your children during study periods will help form a bond and help make studying enjoyable.

This may mean that you’ll have to do some homework of your own, of course. Use the time to read up on a new hobby, learn a skill that you’ve been wanting to for a while, or even just to read a book. Keep the mood light and offer lots of encouragement, too, as your children will love the attention and the fun that they can have studying with you.

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