A Classic Desk Are A Great Way To Get It Done

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Form the start of its history in Victorian England to the current era of sleek and artistic, the desk has been a part of our lives, our offices and our homes for a very long time. What started as bureau cabinets with a knee hole cut out have become one of the most basic and most personal pieces of furniture we can own. While a lot has changed over the years, the classic desktable is at the heart of what most people consider to be “getting down to business”.

Some people have said that the style of work table that a person chooses to says a lot about them. This is a very true statement. We tend to make the desk an embodiment of our personality, our hopes and dreams and our accomplishments. There are a very wide array of choices on the market these days, the old classics are still the best.

Roll Top & Postal

This classic style of desk makes a wonderful choice for many but know that these are “wall desks” which means one side faces a room wall. This may be ideal for those who don’t mind having their back to the room. They are however, not very a very good choice for business, since they are not very effective for talk to others while sitting at one. They are great for a home office or a private study and offer a huge amount of storage as well as the advantage of being able to lock the lid to secure the surface as well as the storage areas.


Similar to Rolltops & Postal styles due to the fact that they are a variant that originated from those styles. Originally deigned to be of use in the private rooms of the ladies of the house, they were intended for such tasks such as journal keeping, and writing of letters. Smaller than the “men’s” versions, but are often more elaborate in their design.

Executive Desks & Barristers Tables

Executive styles are the version that most of us are used to seeing in important peoples offices. These desktables are large, heavy and usually have a conservative design to them with lots of draws and a lot of polished hardware. They are the idea choice for conducting business over since they make anyone sitting behind one look important. Barrister styles are similar to the executive only a lot smaller, generally half the size, and contain more useful features like pen trays, file folder storage and other daily use inclusions. They are generally styled very similar to the look and feel of an executive but more toned down. They are intended mostly for middle and upper management’s offices or for the personal office at home.

Custom Built

Many times you will want one that is truly unique, in the old days just as today you can always have a custom built one created for you. Some custom built styles are very ornate and have lots of carved wood features that make them stand apart from the rest. A custom built piece can take the form of any of the other styles mentioned above. The cost may be much higher but having exactly what you want is worth it.

Classic Mass Produced Commercial

For those who were part of the mainstream work world between 1948 and 1985. These items, which were commercially mass produced, were a daily part of living in Americas offices. They were extremely simple in design and usually made of metal. The offered very few features the most common being a pen tray and a locking drawer or small cabinet. A favorite of retired military personnel, Journalists, and supervisors, they can usually be found, if they are able to be at all, at second hand stores, flea markets, and garage sales.

A classic desk is something that you can take pride in owning and using everyday. They may get older but they only get better. Often you can sit down at one and feel the energy of the myriad of lives it has been a part of. Take the time to find a classic desktable that is right for you and you will be thankful for the extra effort you took.

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