Resume Writing Examples That Produce Are Just Sales Letters

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Having pored over resume writing examples for many years, in my former role as a Sales Manager at a Publishing House, I can safely say that solid Sales Letter writing skills will get you in ahead of the College Graduate with the fancy grammar any time.

In today’s ‘car wreck’ of a job market, if your resume writing efforts are still sending the reader to sleep, then you’d better start getting into daytime TV. You’ll be watching a lot of it.

The massive demand for resume writing services has ushered in a wave of so called ‘gurus’ who would like nothing better than to charge you $ 250 for the privilege of having your ‘cookie cutter’ of a resume gather dust on some HR manager’s desk. All that means is more debt, more disappointment and, worst of all, loss of self-esteem.

One good way to protect yourself from the ‘wannabe’ resume-writing guru who talks a good game but little else, is to simply put their name into the Google search bar. A lot of people ‘big’ themselves up to be a resume writer in the league of the legendary Jimmy P. Sweeney, but somehow Google’s never heard of them. Strange, that!

A common problem that occurred with the poorer resume writing examples I read during the 1990s was that the jobseeker was basically telling me why they should get the job, without giving any thought to making me want to see them for interview. Perhaps it’s a characteristic of telephone sales people (of which I was one for many years) but many in the industry have a grossly-inflated view of themselves, perhaps fuelled by never having to meet prospects ‘in the flesh’. Most of the resumes I received made me want to be off sick rather than meet them for interview, and not necessarily pretending!

The worst resume I remember was a guy who made out that at age 24, he was instrumental in the Rover/BMW merger talks. To be honest, I was quite tempted in getting him in for interview just for a laugh. But have you thought about how many times a resume that the writer has spent hours over does get laughed at? Let me tell you, after reading hundreds of the things, it doesn’t take much to get you laughing hysterically. But it’s not much fun for someone trying to put food on the table.

You see, copywriters who can write sales letters can command enormous fees. And all the best resume writing examples that ever crossed my desk were blessed with good solid copywriting skills. Yes, the experience and track record of the candidate counted for a little (more than their academic qualifications did, that’s for sure!), but the candidates I always diarised were the ones who reached me on an emotional level with their copywriting skills.

The best mindset you could possibly create in a potential employer is the one of ‘let’s get this person in before they go somewhere else’. Most of the resumes I read put me in a mindset of ‘let’s get this person to go somewhere else before they come in’. In fact most candidates seemed to have spent hours perfecting their resume and two minutes throwing together their cover letter. Big mistake.

So what are the options for someone wanting to look at resume writing examples that actually get results? Is it really possible to send a resume and cover letter that cries out for an interview appointment?

I guess you have two options really. One would be to get a ‘Masters’ in copywriting. The other would be to ‘copy’ one of the ‘Copywriting Masters’. The second option is cheaper, quicker and much more doable. Study some resume writing examples that pull offers like crazy and then internalise the techniques. You’ll have a skill that you can teach to your kids. Then even after the economy recovers, people will still be sending boring resumes whilst your kids are getting job offers. Hey, you could even charge!

Alun Maxwell is an experienced networker and online marketer, and helps people network effectively via Social Media to increase their contacts and opportunities. He is also hired by many top European companies as a Business Roleplayer, to help executives understand their impact on others, in particular to spot good and weak candidates in job interviews.

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