How to Make Your Patio the Perfect Place to Relax

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A beautiful patio is just what you need when you come home after a busy day at the office. Step outside into the garden and catch the last of the sunshine before dinner. Curl up with a good book on a day off. Your own sanctuary right outside!

Now your garden may have many purposes – and having an area where you can relax may be just one of them but you can still carve out a space where you can relax when you’re alone in even the smallest garden.

1. Take Care Choosing Patio Furniture

If you are just looking for a place to relax when you are alone, a single reclining chair is all you need. Make sure there is a soft cushion to fit the length of the chair and get a small side table for your drink and book. If you are looking to buy a whole patio set, make sure that one of the chairs reclines because it’s more difficult to relax in an upright chair.

2. Always Available

If possible, don’t put your chair away even if you need to store your cushion indoors. It can be off-putting if you only have a few minutes to spend outdoors but you have to spend it getting your chair out and setting it up each time. If you have to but it away make sure that it is easy to get to and not at the back of the shed or garage.

3. A Bit of Shade

If you can, place your chair under a tree so that you get dappled shade from the leaves – the sun filtering through the leaves gives a lovely relaxing effect. If you have no natural shade on your patio think about buying a patio umbrella to position over your chair for hot days relaxing in the cool shade.

4. Add Some Flowers

Add some flowers around your patio area. If there’s not enough room to ensure something will be in flower all year around then “cheat” by using plants and flowers in pots which you can change regularly. As one lot of flowers fades bring in a new set!

5. Add Some Sound

You are probably looking for peace and quiet on your patio but a little gentle sound will help you relax. Hang some wind chimes from a nearby tree or use a shepherd’s hook stuck into the ground for your chimes.

Patio sets are a great asset to your outdoor space, but only if you buy the right set. For advice to help you choose a great patio set, take a look at Patio Sets Online where you’ll find a check list to help you decide which garden furniture to buy and a list of mistakes to avoid.

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