Healthy Indian Cuisine Using Indian Microwave Cooking

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In today’s fast living cooking healthy food has become a tiring job. With intense time pressures it is not possible on our part to cook in the traditional methods employed in earlier days. A microwave is an appliance that cooks food by dielectric healing. The cooking is accomplished by using microwave radiation to heat water and other polarized molecules within the food. The heating is fairly uniform which leads cooking of food more uniformly than generally happens in other cooking techniques. It not only cooks faster but also healthier. This has become a common feature even in traditional kitchens for preparing delicious dishes from Indian cuisine.

Microwaves possess three basic characteristics:
Microwaves can pass through some materials like glass, paper and plastic which are transparent and generally unaffected by microwaves. Microwaves are reflected by metal surfaces as much as a ball would bounce on a wall. The metal walls of the cooking area form a cavity resonator. The device is designed in such manner that it would resonate microwaves radiating from magnetron tubes. These waves penetrate and are absorbed by some substances like the food products and that is what makes Microwave Cooking unique.

Indian Microwave Cooking Tips
Here are a few tips on using a microwave oven for preparation of mouth watering microwave recipes.

* Position of food – Food must be placed off-center as the microwave energy disperses more to the corners and sidewalls. Items like idlis should be arranged in a circle with space among them. Chops should be arranged with the thinner areas pointing to the middle of the utensils.
* Cooking utensils – Ovenware treated for high-intensity heat such as bowls, cake dishes and also bags, film, paper towels, practically any material can be used except metal. But metal can be used for the convection mode. Metallic dishes should not be used in the combination mode. Pottery and plastic ware declared microwave-safe could be used in the common microwave oven. Ceramic wares can also be used but make sure that they do not have any metallic rim as they may cause arcing. Food items containing high proportion of fat and sugar should not be used in glass utensils. Melmoware and melamme-wares are to be avoided, paper towels, greaseproof paper and cardboard can also be used provided they do not have any staple pins in them Wood items can be used in the micro-oven but not for a long time.
* Container shapes – This is an important factor to be noted. Dishes must be “A or % filled depending on the liquid content of the food. Size of the container is important as oversized container will make the consistent curries overcook whereas too small a container will result in foods boiling over. When shallow vessels are used the cooking process becomes faster. On the other hand use of round vessels makes cooking of vegetables as well as curries. Meat and rice dishes should be cooked in large bottomed vessels. Thus the container shape influences all types of Indian recipes.

Some of the most adopted Indian Microwave recipes are:
Gajar Halwa, Khaman Dhokla, Cakes, Biriyani, Roghan josh, Cakes, Muffins

Why not have a classy microwave oven for preparing delicious dishes.

Microwave cooking is fast, generally, cooking food takes one-fourth the time in the microwave than it takes in your conventional oven. Hence women, especially those working find it a boom. Indian Microwave Cooking, Indian Microwave Recipes, Indian Cuisine, Indian recipes, Microwave Recipes, microwave cooking.

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