Built in Microwave Oven and things to consider before buying

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Built in Microwave oven is a very meek yet amazing astounding gadget which helps you with instant cooking. Today, it is considered as an integral part of the household. One can’t imagine kitchen without oven since it is one of the most useful merchandise in the kitchen.

Before we start writing about microwave oven, it would be fun to know a little interesting historical background of this device. The true journey of oven started during the catastrophic Second World War. Percy Spencer invented this fine machine using radar technology which was developed as a result of war. “Radarange” was the name initially given to oven.

Several types of microwaves are available in the market that you can choose from. Built in Miocrowaves are in latest trend, built in microwave fits in the kitchen cabinet and looks a part of kitchen, also does not occupy space on kitchen platform.

Different microwave oven comes with different features be it in terms of strength, durability, heating capability etc. These features turn some microwave oven into major appliances. Also, some microwaves are capable of heating things in a faster and more efficient way as compared to other counter-parts.

If you are looking to buy a microwave oven, there are various factors that you need to take into consideration. While look is certainly not the factor while buying an oven because what matters is performance but however one should consider the size, to fit it in the kitchen. To be assured that you have the best microwave, there are a multiple things that you should ponder and look for.

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is the strength or power of the microwave. There are microwaves which are too powerful for your needs on the other hand there will also be microwaves which are too scrawny for your required needs. The salesman at the store will be the right person to ask for the microwave based on your power and strength needs.

While you get the best oven in terms of strength that you need next thing that you need to consider is the feature of the microwave. Few people prefer using oven that have very simple features, there are several who wish to have a specific rotating platform, or particular number controls.

Cleaning the microwave is another factor to look for when you are planning to buy one. Microwave ovens which consist of doors without any attached handle are easy going in terms of cleaning and maintaining it. The microwave convection with “non-stick” interior makes it very easy it clean.

Convection and auto defrost feature should be considered when you are planning to have microwave oven in your kitchen. Mostly, all the microwaves available in the market can defrost food, but it’s always great to own one which has auto defrost. Your microwave will automatically select the time and power levels to defrost your food based on the quantity. Now, microwaves come with a new feature of steam cooking, wherein water is filled in the reservoir and as the water evaporates, the steam released from the water cooks the food.

Child safety lock is one of the additional features you should look for if you have kids. Safety lock has electronic code which prevents the microwave from being misused.
Warranty and service is very essential. If you have selected the features for your microwave the next thing you should go for is the warranty. Go for the brand that provides more warranty period and has a good network of dealers.

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