Why Clean Power Is So Important

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Why is clean power so important these days? The truth is that most power around the world is dirty, fluctuates and surges heavily. Electronics die and short out when power fluctuates or surges. In fact, this is so common that 90% of electronic failures are attributed to bad facility incoming power. These failures of equipment mean large amounts of money to repair them.

Facility power equates to large numbers for businesses. What we mean by this is that companies spend millions of dollars on producing and using their sensitve electronic equipment. If the power coming into the company is bad or fluctuates, the expensive equipment can die and cost the company a ton of money to replace. No one wants to spend this kind of money fixing expensive equipment of this magnitude.

How does facility power get dirty or unclean? The way this happens is that large power companies do their best to provide power to everyone, but the power fluctuates and surges hundreds of times a day. This surging and fluctuating is very bad on equipment as the equipment is designed and manufactured to work with stable clean power.

While facility power can be very unclean, it can in fact be cleaned up. UPS systems are the primary way to clean up power and and output clean reliable power. Many UPS systems also offer battery backup featuers which can keep critical systems up and running in the event of a power failure. This technology can help save companies money and keep sensitive equipment running.

Hospitals, security, airports, emergency, and military applications rely heavily on UPS conversion of facility power. Clean power ensures that people remain safe and can accomplish the job at hand. This not only helps with production, but clean power can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as it saves companies from having to repair equipment.

UPS systems are great, but the new UPQ systems are even better. With five stages of cleaning, the UPQ truly puts out a perfect sine wave of single and three phase power. If you want perfect reliable power, UPQ technology is definitely the way to go.

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