Patio Accessories Must Haves

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Wicker furniture is found in most country styled homes. They make excellent living room and dining rooms furniture. Lately, wicker has made its appearance in patios and has become quiet a hot property in the market. Amongst the popular patio pieces are rocking chair, coffee table, settee, sofa, magazine rack, Japanese table and stack-up drawers. When it comes to your patio, you can have a wicker chest that can become a table, settee, maybe two stools and a coffee table.

Avoid plastic furniture as they not only contrast the ‘nature’ theme, but they also do not last long. You should also refrain yourself from buying bulky items, even though those furniture might be made from wicker. Stick to medium-sized furniture and most essentially, choose your furniture carefully. Do not buy for example, 2 sets of sofas or stack-up drawers and chest at the same; choose either one of these things and voila! You would have a spacey and comfortable patio.

There is something about cushions that makes a person feels right at home, even if he/she is at a stranger’s house. Hence, when choosing the cushions for your wicker settee, take into account first of all, the fabric that is being used. Matching the outdoor nature of a patio, choose waterproof material for your cushion; it not only enable you to clean up dirt easily, but it could also withstand the moody ways of Mother Nature. Secondly, choose the right color for your cushions. Choosing dark colors could hide dirt or mould temporarily from the critical eyes of your guests before you get the chance to wash them. Finally, choose cushions that are heavily printed floral patterns. The more crowded with flowers the fabric, the better it is, as it could hide dirt and spills as well as dark colors.

Avoid cushions using cotton, polyester, PVC or even linen, as these things are absorb spills and dirt, making them an absolute nightmare to be cleaned. White or pastel colored cushions are also absolute no-nos, as they show dirt and other things that come with being outdoor. Plain, single colored cushions are discouraged also for the same reason, alongside cushions with sparse floral patterns.

Heaters come in all sorts of category. If you have small children, the best one for you is the ceiling heater. If you do not have any small children around you can opt for either portable heater, standing heater or electric-generated heater. Heaters keep the patio warm when you need them, so keep one in your patio.

You must not have a heater, as even the nights of summer tend to get chilly. Besides that, you should not get yourself a standing or portable heater if you have children as the item might hurt them.

When you are having garden parties in your patio, you should have something that can act as a screen against harmful rays of the sun. This is where patio umbrellas come in handy. To save money and space, why not get ones that are large in size and is made from high quality material. High quality material will not fade away easily and at the same time will last in your patio longer. Don’t forget to choose the ones that are bright and colorful so they can add cheers to your patio.

Small umbrellas would not be able to fit too many people, just in case it rained when you are having a party. The adjoined seat umbrella would be less effective for large number of people as the seats will limit the people who can take shelter under the umbrella. Therefore, it is always wise to get umbrellas that are independent of seats. Even if you do have this adjoined seat umbrella, you can make up for the others by putting removable stools under the umbrella for them to sit on.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your patio and check the items that you have put there. If your patio is loaded with the must-nots, quickly devise a little makeover for it this weekend!

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