Deer Repellent Commercial And Residential Solutions

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Though gardening can often be a leisurely activity for people, it can sometimes become a major chore with the extensive list of natural predators to plants. Deer can be especially hazardous to a thriving floral creation. Warding off deer can become a difficult task, one which can be made much easier with the use of deer repellent.

These repellents can be either store bought or homemade, though the quickest and simplest way to solve your deer problem is to buy items from a garden center. Because there are so many different available products, it should not be difficult to find one that best suits your needs. Application techniques can vary from a deer repellent perimeter spray to a hanging repellent or even a clip that attaches straight onto the plant itself.

The ingredients in these products can vary greatly, though food products seem to be a reoccurring theme. Capsaicin, the active chemical compound found in hot peppers, is extremely common to these products. Other kitchen items often found in the mixtures include eggs, citrus fruits, vegetable oils, and some condiments like mustard.

A classic theory for warding off deer is to simulate natural predation by spreading animal fluids around the problem area. The idea is that the deer will smell the scent of their predator and steer clear of the area. Several commercial products use animal fluids, such as pee, fatty acids and blood, as key ingredients.

Even though store bought repellents are the most hassle-free defense against plants’ natural predators, some people prefer a more natural approach to warding off deer. Homemade recipes are a very common solution to natural deer repellent. Not only is the natural aspect more desirable to many gardening connoisseurs, but it is much more cost effective as well.

There is extensive literature to be found regarding different recipes with several theories on which ingredients make the best repellents. Eggs are an extremely common ingredient along with dish soap, garlic and items that contain the same chemical compounds as hot peppers. Some even believe that human hair should be added to the mix for effective protection against deer.

Though deer can cause serious problems to the maintenance of any garden center, the problem is not impossible to solve. There are several deer repellent products on the market which can be used for a quick fix to your deer problem. For those looking for a more natural, cost-effective approach, there are numerous recipes to be found. With proper use, these products can help guard your prized floral possessions from the harm of pesky deer.

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