6 Week Body Makeover – Reduced Fat Recipes

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The majority of the foods in the 6 Week Body Makeover meal plan are foods that you already eat in your ordinary diet. However, there are ways to reduce the fat in the foods that you already eat in order to make the food a fat burning agent. Here are some ways to tweak your food so that you can get the most out of the Michael Thurmond diet.

The important factor in reducing calorie intake while cooking is learning how to cook without oil and fat. Most people use large amounts of oil to make food not stick the frying pan when cooking meats and vegetables. Cooking oil is a waste of calories and should be avoided when on the meal plan.

You can buy a good non-stick pan so that you can eliminate all the fat from your cooking. Non-stick pans are great because the food virtually slips off the pan once you’re done cooking. Also, the clean-up of nonstick pans is easy, which is a great plus when you’re cooking for yourself (or for others).

Do not use nonstick spray when cooking eggs. Preheat the frying pan before putting the eggs in the pan. The eggs will cook faster and will not stick to the pan. Remember, a non-stick frying pan is the key to cooking eggs. Use some water when cooking vegetables. Water is a great substitute when sauting veggies in a frying pan. When the water level gets low, just add some more!

Use a vegetable stock or no sodium chicken broth when cooking chicken or fish. Also you can use white wine as a good nonstick agent for meats. Don’t worry about the calories in the alcohol, they will burn away when cooking your meat.

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