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Descriptive essay writing starts by selecting a specific topic, it can be a place you have visited or a place near you home, a person you know or have seen somewhere. You then write down the details by using the five senses. When you write, others can ‘feel’ or ‘see’ through your writing. Let’s see what to include and what not to include in descriptive writing.

Dos and don’ts of descriptive essay writing

* Do give yourself time:

In the pre-writing phase of descriptive essay writing, you should take time to think who and what do you want to describe and why. Brainstorm about all the details associated with the topic. Selecting topics for descriptive becomes very easy when you have someone to help you. Professionals associated with descriptive essay help service handle essay on regular basis. So they can be very helpful while choosing suitable essay topics to start with.

* Don’t plagiarize:

Plagiarism is a sin in academic writing, so conduct your search until you find authentic sources for use.

* Do be emotional:

Memory and emotions play significant role in descriptive essay writing. Include experience or recent encounter in your writing to make it more live and convey the subject significant to the readers.

* Don’t tell show:

This is the most significant feature of descriptive writing. Use descriptive and figurative language as well as concrete images to describe the subject. Here are examples of the difference between telling and showing,
Telling: The house was old
Showing: The house frowned and with wrinkle brow inside it creaked with each step, releasing a scent of neglected laundry.

* Do make an outline:

The initial stage of crafting a descriptive essay is to create an outline of your ideas. So you can follow them during writing the essay. Without outline, you essay would be like a headless chicken. You would not know at what direction your essay is going and so will be your readers.

* Don’t exceed the word limit:

Do not give excuses why your essay needed 750 words when the word limitation was mentioned as 500-word essay. Instead plan your essay in such a way that your essay sums up within the required word limit.

* Do be descriptive:

Adjectives will be your best friends with this type of essay. Use similes (like and as), metaphors (you are like my whole world), specific descriptions (instead of writing “there was a desk in the corner”, you can write “the solid oak writing desk in the corner had a small drawer with round brass handle. It was overstuffed with paper that yellowed with age.”

* Don’t rely on spell checks:

Automatic functions in programs like Microsoft Word are help tools. Rather than only depending on electronic means, you should trust your senses and check the content for spelling and grammar error after checking it under the spell checking software. It would exclude the errors that the software somehow did not detect. When you don’t have enough time to edit and proofread your completed essay, opt for urgent essay writing services that help you submit your essay right on time after getting edited and proofread by experts.

* Do take breaks:

Writing comes in fits and starts. If you are feeling you are making a good progress, then by all means you continue with your writing. But if you are struck with \writer’s block, you need to take a break. Get your minds off the topics and think about something else.

If you follow these tips, you will eventually land on a good quality descriptive essay that your professors expect from you.

Author of this article is an academician and essay expert who writes an essay on different subjects,like descriptive essay help and essay writing service.

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