Make This Super Bowl Party The Greatest Of Them All With Fun Super Bowl Party Games

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The Super Bowl party day is a holiday for the die-hard fans. The Super Bowl is an all-day event so why not create an all-day party filled with fun games for pre, halftime and post game. Super Bowl Party Supplies and Invitations with fun Super Bowl party games will provide entertainment for party guests the entire Super Bowl day extravaganza.

Football Pool Games. This is a fun game that will make the Super Bowl even more enjoyable, and perhaps prosperous, for many of the party guests. Give each party guest a list of possible categories to win in such as National Anthem duration, coin flip, end of quarter scores, MVP etc. the players who win each of the categories win fun party favors. Write the names of the players on a large board with the categories and category guesses.

Super Bowl Bean Bag Toss Game. This is a fun game that can be made by cutting two holes in a large piece of plywood. Place the holes side-by-side with one hole representing each Super Bowl Party Supplies team. Players will need to toss the bean bags into one of the holes. Spilt the party guests into two teams, one team representing one Super Bowl team. If a team that represents one team score a bean bag in the opposing teams hole, the opposing team earns a point. This is a challenging game because it requires precision aiming in order to win. Each made hole is worth a point. Give each player three tosses per round for ten rounds. The team with the most points at the end of ten rounds is the winner.

Football Run. The object of this game is to spin around ten times while holding a baseball bat to the players forehead. This player then tries to run holding a football around cones and other stationary items as fast as possible. The player who can navigate the course in the fastest time without falling is the winner. If the player falls down from being too dizzy, he is eliminated from the game. If a player should drop the football at any point they are also eliminated. Set the cones of stationary items in an unique formation while avoiding long straight runs or in a simple circular course. Be sure your guests understand how they are expected to navigate the course.

If your Superbowl party is a success this year, your guests’ will be hoping to be invited against next year. Prepare the schedule of party games before, during halftime, and after the game so all the party games planned can be played.

Super Bowl party fun have lots of freebies. Instantly print free Super Bowl party printable invitations: Free printable buffet table food name cards, activities and party games. Ideas on party decorations, favors, invitations, recipes, menus and crafts. Plus, original Super Bowl music theme and movie song lists for a special touch to any celebration.

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