Lemon myrtle tea- a wonderful herbal product which can do wonders on your body.

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Today, more and more people are becoming health conscious and turning to herbal health supplements to stay fit and fine. Among the herbal products which have found place in the shelves of organic stores and at homes is Lemon Myrtle tea. The Lemon myrtle is a plant which is generally found in the gardens of Australia, especially in the Queensland areas. The leaves apart from their tangy lemony taste is also a miracle drug for several ailments.

Quick facts about Lemon myrtle

The lemon myrtle plant is basically a habitant of Queensland, Australia. Scientifically known as backhousia citriodora, the tree usually grows in the rainforests. They are well known for their pretty white flowers and mesmerizing lemon scent. The trees are also commercially cultivated for the extraction of lemon myrtle oil. The oil is known to have mosquito repellant properties and hence widely used as a cleansing agent.

Lemon myrtle tea: The miracle tea

One of the most important ingredient of lemon myrtle leaves is Citral .When compared to citrus fruits like Lemon and Orange , the lemon myrtle has a higher composition of citral. Recent scientific studies have shown that the myrtle leaves can cure many disorders like the muscle cramps. By including lemon myrtle tea in your daily diet , you can ward off several ailments like headaches, fevers,spasm and rheumatism. It is a well known fact that the citral element has anti fungal and antibacterial abilities which prevent the growth of pathogens in the body. The leaves have antioxidant property which prevents common colds ,ulcers etc. The tea is popular across the world as an immune booster which helps the body to fight against diseases.

The lemon myrtle leaves when used in tea gives out a pleasant aroma which is quite relaxing to the body. The tea can be consumed as pure lemon myrtle or blended with other ingredients such as green tea, black tea or combined with other herbal ingredients.

Apart from being used as a tea, the leaves are used in a variety of skin products and cosmetics. It can cure several skin disorders as well. The oil when applied on the skin gives a relaxing feeling and promotes sleep.

The leaves of lemon myrtle tree can be used in cooking also. It can be used in a variety of dishes like soups, snacks , main course and desserts too.The herbal ingredient enhances the taste of the dish and spreads a wonderful aroma as well.

Welcome your mornings with simply lemon myrtle tea, green tea and black tea and stay fit and fine.

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