5 Keys to Finding the Best Online Hammock Store

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The best hammock companies should do more than just sell comfortable hammocks. Here is what to look for when searching for that perfect hammock.

Comfortable Hammocks
Don’t throw rocks! We didn’t say that wasn’t important – just that it’s not all a hammock store should do. But, the quality and comfort of the hammock should be paramount. So in that respect, look for woven hammocks with no spreader bar. And the larger (wider, specifically) the better. A “double” or “family” hammock will have more space and therefore be more comfortable than a traditional smaller hammock.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Do they mention or warranty, or guarantee against defects? What about if you just don’t like the hammock–what’s the return policy then? The unbalanced power dynamic of a tiny customer vs. big box store is going the way of the buffalo. Remember Blockbuster’s late fees? Good riddance! The new world of buying online is full of transparent companies that treat the customer like a king. So search the returns or FAQ’s page for their return or warranty policy. It should be clear, simple and clear of fine print.

Easy to Use
Ever ask a store employee a simple question about a product and get a 5 minute regurgitated answer about store policy or something completely unrelated? It’s annoying and reflects somebody who doesn’t truly have your best interests at heart. A hammock website should give clear, understandable descriptions and be easy to use and navigate. If a company is easy to deal with before the sale, chances are they’ll be easy to deal with afterwards as well.

Personality and Fun
You’re not looking for a pacemaker, so why not have fun? A good hammock company should reflect the product they’re selling and be fun and lighthearted.

Hanging Kit? Check. Directions? Check.
A hammock company should serve as a knowledge resource for all things hammock. Not everybody knows how to hang a hammock, and not everybody knows what makes a good hammock. A hammock company should help explain these necessities and shed a little light on the world of hammocks with their unique expertise.

Bonus Tip:
Want to find a great hammock? Just try searching in Google for something like “how to tie a hammock knot.”

If the person or company behind the hammocks truly cares about their product that will show in their website. So in between the product descriptions, and photo gallery, and price checking, take a look at the “About Us” section.

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