Wind Energy Generator For Personal Use

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If you are looking into a wind power generator for your home, there are things that you must seriously think about before you get started in earnest picking out a specific device.

It is best to think about these issues upfront, before you think about specific devices you might purchase.

Here are 3 considerations that it wise to think about before you begin your quest for a wind turbine:

1. First, all wind is not the same, so pick your spot carefully – the quality of the wind on your roof is inferior. The strongest wind will be found 30 feet above the tree line on any property. But, putting a windmill up that high is very costly. You have to install it on top of a tower that can be as expensive as the windmill itself. Even though the wind is more turbulent and less consistent on your roof, it may still be the best place for you to put your wind turbine and here is why – your ability to access it will be much greater. When problems arise, you will be glad your wind turbine is on your roof.

2. Secondly, pay attention to how local rules will modify where you install your wind turbine and even what kind you buy – most communities and neighborhoods limit windmills in some way or another. Many of the restrictions simply require compliance, but some also require you to purchase a permit to install the windmill at all. The rules themselves usually come in the form of height limits. That is, they limit the height you can install a wind turbine to around 100 feet in most cases.

3. Thirdly, in paying for it, there are a number of incentives that you will need to apply for – right now there is a 30% tax credit that you will receive for any renewable investment at your home. On top of that, there are state and local municipal incentives, too. To top it all off, many of the manufacturers and utilities offer incentives and discounts of their own to make the decision even easier for you to buy. Keep in mind too, that it is possible to lease wind turbines which would allow you to receive an almost immediate positive cash flow for your project.

Finally, a wind power generator for your home can be a great investment and a powerful way to slash costs, but you have to pay attention to these details on the front end to optimize your experience.

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