Matcha Tea: Enriched With Full Of Health Benefits

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More and more people are trying to know and learn what many in Japan have known since ancient times- to get the full benefits of the green tea plant. In order to get the maximum health impact, you have to use the very best leaves and consume the nutrients in entire leaf. This is not possible to get with your average green tea. Matcha – a Japanese green tea has been known for centuries for its rich source of health benefits like energy-booster, anti-aging and other various health benefits.

When producing matcha, the sprouting tea plant is shaded using arched fiber screens to protect the leaves from the direct sunlight, about 20 days or so before harvest. This covering assures more chlorophyll content and the bright green color of the leaves. After the final stage of the growth, freshly picked tea leaves are de-stalked and de-veined before being stone milled into the fine bright green powder i.e. called matcha. It takes almost 1-2 hours to produce 60 gm of matcha powder.

Health benefits of matcha tea: Works as an anti-aging: High in antioxidants, this tea fight against the negative effects of UV radiation and gives a younger looking skin. In fact, matcha tea is among the best anti-oxidant food products even better than spinach and berries.

Prevents cancer: Scientists have found that matcha contains over 100 times more EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) than any other tea available in the market. This is most widely known for its cancer-fighting properties.

Enhances calm: For over a millennium, this tea has been extensively consumed by Buddhist monks and Chinese Daoists to get relax and remaining alert while meditation. The highest sense of consciousness is due to the amino acid L-Theanine present in the tea.
Increase energy levels and endurance: While all green tea usually contains caffeine, the energy boost from matcha is incomparable as it gives you kick for almost 4-6 hours which is more than coffee. Moreover, it doesn’t have any jittery effect of coffee also.

Boost memory and concentration: Another side-effect of L-Thenaine is its two major contents dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals serve to enhance mood, improve memory and concentration that can benefit everyone.

Detoxifies the body- The ECGC not only stops fat production in your body, but it also burns old fat cells and help the body to burn fat about four times faster than average. Unlike, other products it doesn’t cause any bad side effect like high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Strengthen the immune system: Having rich anti-biotic properties, just one bowl of matcha provides an ample amount of Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Protein, and Calcium. Further, studies also show that the nutrients in matcha also have the ability to inhibit the attacks of HIV on human T-cells.

Amazing flavor: Unlike a lot of other teas which require sugar, milk and or lemon to make them pleasant to the average consumer, this tea requires nothing as it is absolutely wonderful by itself. The crisp vegetative notes and the savory taste of amino acid enhance flavor of the tea. So, be relaxed and enjoy the delicious bowl of matcha.

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