Desk Lamps Are The Answer

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Replace your fluorescent desk lamp with a newer more efficient model and you will be surprised how well you see. Desk lamps have come a long way since they first went fluorescent in the 1950’s. Gone are the buzzing, flickering tubes of yesteryear. Today’s fluorescent lights are quiet and steady. In the past fluorescent bulbs could take minutes to warm up and begin emitting light – now they turn on with the flick of a switch.

With a multitude of desk lamp styles available, all of which promise to do pretty much the same thing, it can be difficult to find the best light for your needs. If you are looking for something that is going to be in almost constant use as part of your daily work routine you will need an exceptional quality of light if you want a lamp that does its part.

If your new light is going to be more of an ornamental piece to add to the home environment, then style and fashion will come into the mix more.

Because of the new smaller bulbs, the modern fluorescent desk lamp comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are lamps to fit any decor, sit comfortably on any desk, and provide the perfect amount or working light for computer work, writing or reading. Many desk lamps are designed to look sleek and modern. Others are designed with a distinctly retro look. Some desk lamps will have goose necks or swing-arms that will allow you to twist them into any position that you might wish.

Desk and study lamps that use regular bulbs come in a variety styles. The design element that seems to mostly define a study lamp or desk lamp is the bendable neck or adjustable arm that is usually made out of plastic or metal. This helps you focus the light where you need it most, however unlike halogen lamps, these more old fashioned lamps also have a bit of a soft glow that helps light up the rest of the room.

Desk lamps range in price from as little as 10 all the way up to over 500 so there will be plenty to choose from no matter how deep your pockets are. The lamps at the lower end of the market tend to be perfectly functional and great for short-term use. Higher price models will provide better light, greater functionality, durability and style the make up for their hefty price tag.

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