Do we Really Need Cutlery Anymore?

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With more people working longer hours in order meet the demands of the business many things we use to take for granted, such as family dinning has been sacrificed. When you look back at your own eating habits where do you usually end up visualising yourself? With most people your first thought would be getting takeouts and eating it with room the move or on the sofa, the second place is in bed. If you are one of these said people then it might be time you pull out the cutlery and dinning sets and force you family down to eat together. Statistics have shown that eating together is one of the qualities that well bonded families share, so if you have ever wanted to build that trust in your partner and your family then this may be a subtle step forward.

Cutlery and dinning sets are one of many things that are overrated in families, when friends are invited over for dinner the first thing they tend to notice is both the quality and the style of the dinning sets used. Although they will not openly say it, if your dinner plates are old fashioned, warn or scratch it leaves a bad example and shows that you either do not take pride in your cooking or just don’t have a sense of taste.

So what does a real dinning set consist of? The main thing is obviously the plates. We tend to overlook the style and type of dinner plates simply because the food goes on it and when the food has been eaten the plates are usually removed from the table. However, the dinner plate creates the foundation for the presentation of the food, even the most basic foods can look professional and more complex when presented on the right dinner plates. If you truly want to make a good impression then go for both modern and a colour that is not basic white but stills fits in with the colours of your dining room.

The second thing that reflects your personal tastes is the cutlery you use. As you expect your cutlery needs to match your dinning set, however, it is essential you have the main sets that match he food you actually cook. As you would expect you need a knife, fork, spoon, but what about pea spoons, tea spoons, steak knives and so on? Either way you should look at what you usually cook and see what you actually need, if you do cook a full range of foods then one option is simply to buy all the types. When you go shopping you can always ask a member of staff to help you pick out the most bought or the most stylish cutlery, there’s not really a style of fashion for cutlery, however, it’s always best to get both light in terms of weight and light in terms of style. By doing this the lightness implies expensive (silvers lighter than steel) and that you have a sense of style without becoming impractical.

Cutlery and dining sets may seem like the last thing you need but as earlier stated, by sitting together as a family you create a stronger connection and when inviting friends, bosses or co-workers the type of cutlery you use is important to the impression that person creates of your personal life, so take pride in your cutlery by choosing styles and colours that show your style and personality.

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