An Excellent Desk Makes For School Success

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Selecting the right desk for children is extremely important. They need a quiet place that has lots of room for books, crayons, pencils and paper storage. Children need a place to work, get organized and learn good study habits. This spot should be selected with the interests and desires of the student in mind. Choosing the right desk will set the stage for their academic success.

I’ve been a teacher for over a decade. I also have three children of my own. Whether I’m trying to organize someone else’s children, or my own, I pay special attention to where the school work gets done. I have learned that there are three requirements that need to be met to provide a good spot for learning. Kids need space, quiet and a spot to call their own.

Kids need space to work. They need a hard surface that’s large enough to accommodate papers, text books, work books and school supplies. Lots of drawers and cubby holes provide places to organize all of these materials so they can be located quickly and easily. A space that supports good organization allows a student to sit down and concentrate on the task at hand. Mental and emotional energy that’s wasted on finding what’s needed distracts learners from what needs to be done. Kids should be able to sit down and hit the books. This can’t happen in a small or disorganized work space.

Children have lots of mental energy during the first forty five minutes of homework time. After and hour or so they’ve lost their focus. That’s why quiet is essential. The kitchen table is a great place to eat, but it’s not so great for studying and completing homework. Kitchen activity is noisy and distracting. Time and good focus time is wasted when students have reasons to glace away from assignments and study sheets. A wise adult caregiver helps children find a place where they can concentrate and get the most out of their work time. A really good desk that has been tucked away in a low traffic area is ideal for learning.

Ownership is important for children. They take pride in the things that are theirs. When a learner feels like a workplace is all their own, they are more likely to try harder and work longer. Today you can find desks that have personality. Fire Truck Desks, School Bus Desks, and Airplane Desks are available along with your more classic style Roll Top Desk and Hutch Desk. Art desks and computer desks are additional styles to consider. Find a desk that makes your child want to sit down and work. Give them a work space to call their own.

You might discover that a child needs more than one desk to keep organized. This is especially true if your child has a computer. Once the keyboard is in place, a child computer desk doesn’t leave much space for notebooks, writing and studying. Consider putting two desks in the same quiet room, so a child can shift back and forth between the computer and desk work. You won’t regret giving a kid more than enough space to learn.

Experience has shown me that choosing the right desk really does help set the stage for academic success. When you take time to make a good spot for learning, children recognize that learning is important to you. Show a child what you value today. Begin with an excellent desk. It will be a choice you won’t regret

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