3 Keys to Finding the Best Hammock for Your Patio

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When it comes to finding a great patio hammock there are 3 things that really matter. So read up and get ready to start calling in sick to work more often, as a nap in the perfect hammock on the patio is really quite addictive.

Comfort above all else:

Not surprisingly, comfort should be treated as priority numero uno when selecting a patio hammock. What most people don’t realize, however, is how to find a comfortable hammock. That really comes down to the weave and material.

Open weave hammocks are the most comfortable. Not only do they breathe much better and keep you cooler than a solid-fabric hammock, but they are able to stretch and flex and conform perfectly to your specific body weight and shape.

Look for Mexican (Mayan) or Nicaraguan hammocks. American rope hammocks have an open weave but are woven in such a way that the diamond patterns don’t stretch, but instead remain ridged and aren’t very comfortable at all.

Also cotton and nylon are both good materials, with nylon resisting the weather a bit better than natural cotton.

Size Matters:

Size is important when selecting a hammock. The best hammocks are the large, or two-person size ones. Even if you don’t plan on sharing your napping haven the extra room gives you space to move around and to lie at an angle or even sideways. Lying at an angle gets you into a flatter, more bed-like position and for many people is the preferred way to enjoy a hammock. Look for a large, double, or two-person hammock as they’re often described.

Score Some Style Points:

Equally important, but often overlooked is the style, or appearance, of a hammock. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that a hammock has to be a white roped American hammock with two spreader bars. It doesn’t. Oh, and ditch the spreader bars by the way, they make the hammock both ridged and unstable; which is why you probably always felt like you were going to fall out every time you climbed into one.

Getting back to style; the best hammocks for your patio, as long as they’re comfortable and large enough, should be beautiful looking. You probably spent a lot of time looking for the right colored bed set, carpet, and wall paint to evoke a certain look or theme in your house. You can, and should, do the same with your patio hammock. Those Nicaraguan and Mexican hammocks mentioned earlier come in a myriad of different colors; so take the time to find one that compliments your current decor or makes your patio “pop.” Lazy Bandido offers some very bold, yet tasteful designs. There’s a decent selection of others on Amazon as well.

And lastly, whichever hammock you choose just remember to relax. Grab your favorite drink, a good book, and ditch the cell phone. You’re here to relax; and there’s no better way to relax than from a beautiful hammock on your patio!

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