Four Reasons Why You Should Buy a Large Hammock

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If you’re looking to buy a hammock GO BIG! Even if you’re not a giant of a person, the benefits of a large hammock are many, and the reasons to stay small are few. In fact, unless you don’t have 10 ft of room to hang a larger hammock, or you’re a wealthy 7 yr old with a credit card shopping for your new apartment, there’s no reason to stay small.

Room for Two

There’s something inherently romantic about laying out under the stars together. But, unless a tornado whisks away your roof while thoughtfully leaving everything else in its place you’re not going to enjoy this in your bed. With a double hammock and a pair of trees or a patio, there are plenty of space and plenty of possibilities.

Options O’ Plenty

In a small hammock you have no choice to but to lie straight with your back raised and your arms cocooned; this is comfortable and great for napping and reading a book, but it shouldn’t be your only option. With enough size, the right hammock will also allow you to lie sideways (you can swing!) or at an angle to enjoy a flatter position more like how you sleep in your bed.

The Most Comfortable Hammock

With more space and more options it should come as no surprise that larger hammocks tend to be more comfortable. The key is to find a large, or “double hammock” that also uses an open weave made of cotton or nylon. Woven hammocks – as opposed to solid fabric models – are able to stretch and flex according to your body weight and shape. Solid fabric is too rigid and stiff to do this. Mexican (mayan) or Nicaraguan hammocks are the best hammocks in this regard.


It should be logical that a larger hammock is built to handle more weight, and that is definitely true. While smaller model hammocks might be made to hold 250-300 pounds, a large, double hammock will often have a weight capacity between 500-800 pounds! “But what if I don’t plan on sleeping with an adult hippopotamus?” you say… No worries, It’s never good to push anything to its full capacity. And even if you only use the hammock for yourself or you and your partner weight less than 300 pounds combined, the extra strength is good to have and means your hammock will never be pushed to its full capacity. The string won’t be stretched and fray and wear like it might on a smaller model.

So there you have it; four reasons why the best hammocks are large hammocks. So the next time you buy a hammock – GO BIG!

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