Fixing the Old Snow Shovel For Today


In these fast-moving modern times, one simply can’t be bothered to spend more time on non-money making tasks. But there are times when these mundane chores hinder your capacity to earn needed income, as in the case of working through the holidays. There is really no going around it; you just can’t afford to neglect the snow that piles up on your path that leads to the more important things that need doing during the rest of the day.

So, prudence dictates that one must shovel the snow and get it over with. Unfortunately, this is just too time consuming to do, not to mention the fact that you will also drain much of your strength early on in the morning. As such, you are on the constant lookout for something better for you. I for one can empathize.

I have searched around for the best way to clear the snow with the least amount of effort and time. I have tried other alternatives, but while they each have their own pros, they also came with a few downsides.

Take the snow blower, for instance. It is an add-on that you can put on your lawn tractor. It is very easy to do, although that’s assuming you can get it to do its job during winter. Not to mention the amount of space it takes up in your garage.

I could go on and on, but instead of bashing the competition, let me go straight to introducing you to the best alternative that I found so far. Out of all the equipment that I have used, the best one is a nifty invention called the shovel.

In the end, the classic snow shovel does what it needs to do. All it needs is some improving on. This is basically what the new and improved shovel is.

Tired at stretching his back day in and day out during winter, Douglas Cordell was this close to buying an expensive tool before he discovered the Best Snow Shovel. If you want to Shovel Snow in half the time, be sure to disover our best snow shovels!

Best Snow Shovel for Heavy Snow

Why I like a grain scoop snow shovel for shoveling heavy snow. Shoveling the roof of my house with my True Temper Poly Scoop.

In the second half of the video I show you how clean my old fashioned wood stove burns by maintaining the proper stove temperature.

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7 thoughts on “Fixing the Old Snow Shovel For Today”

  1. John Jarou says:

    gee, looks like fun. and now the snow plow just came by. you'll need to shovel out the end of your driveway. yeah, i know all about it. had to do it today in michigan;NO FUN.

  2. n3lee says:

    We carry one of those on our fire truck here in southern NH — nice unit indeed.

  3. R6bbie says:

    Yes leaf blower….I have a backpack blower and it works very well for light stuff…it works really well on the roof because you are just moving it off…

  4. R6bbie says:

    You didn't mention a gas blower for light snow…my husky does work, fast!

  5. R6bbie says:

    You need to work on better insulation for your house, it's leaking heat bad!

  6. David Osbourne says:

    Ive got that shovel! It was a great buy

  7. David Osbourne says:

    Ive got that shovel! It was a great buy

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