Find the Right Tie for You

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So you’re looking for the perfect tie for work?

If you’re chucking out your collection, the start off with block colours such as black, navy or dark red as it will be easy to pair them with a wide range of cloths. It go with a white shirt for more traditional look. Always spend good money on ties, the quality is most importune, so it’s better to pay as much as you can afford so you can get something you really desire.

If you’re thinking of being a little bit more adventurous, consider getting something in a brushed metallic. Silvers and greys can work very well with a number of different coloured shirts. These should be worn with a shirt of a slightly lighter shade of the same colour.

Floral patters are all the rage this season. As with the block colours, make sure the silk is flawless. Silks are timeless and classy, showing that you will be smart when working.

Think about something in a light, neutral shade with a contrasting dark floral motif on it. This is welcoming and adds vibrancy.

If you’re looking for something more formal, consider something more subtle, such a patterned russet brown. In the past brown is an underutilised colour, and fortunately this is in reversal. Many top names are making ties in browns in many weights and intensities. It’s very versatile when used right, so choose to add brown leather accessories, preferable slightly darker.

If you need something that is both formal and informal then purchase a black tie with a muted subtle floral style on ti. Try to find one with an off center pattern as it adds a modem twist to your look.

For something modern and suave, consider getting a tie in mustard and ivory. These colours can add an element of grandeur to a simple ensemble.

The width of the tie is an important factor in the style you’re looking for. For the normal modern business style, consider a tie 3 inches or wider. Don’t feel constrained though as rules are ever changing whilst still looking professional.

The half windsor knot is the knot to go for with the majority of shirts. Again, a wider tie is better in this case and it adds a senses of robustness and shows off the quality.

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